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Philosophy of Education Statement Help

A philosophy of education statement, or teaching philosophy statement, is a very powerful document to include in your teaching portfolio. These posts will provide tips and strategies to make your educational philosophy statement stand out and give you an edge over the competition.

Submitting a philosophy of education statement with your teacher resume has become almost compulsory when applying for a teaching job. As such, it is imperative you put a great deal of thought and effort into writing your statement. These articles showcase excellent tips for writing a philosophy of education statement.

Your teaching philosophy should highlight why education is important, why you became a teacher, your greatest strengths, how learning occurs, and various other questions. Do NOT skimp on your philosophy of education statement or opt out of writing one – doing so might instantly land you in the rejection pile. If you only get one shot at applying for your dream job, shouldn’t you make it count?

Educational administrators are also encouraged to write their own statements, whether a philosophy of education statement or a philosophy of leadership statement. The latter focuses on qualities you deem to be important for successful educational administrators. A philosophy of leadership statement should highlight why you think education is important, how you interact with and motivate students and staff, your leadership style, your greatest strengths, and so forth.

If you find that after you have gone through these comprehensive articles, you are still struggling with your teaching philosophy of education statement, contact Candace Alstad-Davies to review your job application document, and provide useful tips and strategies for enhancing it. Candace also specializes in educator resumes, instructor cover letters, teacher LinkedIn profile development, and all other aspects of the teacher job search process!

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