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Writing a Teacher Philosophy of Discipline Statement

writing a teacher philosophy of discipline statement

When writing a philosophy of discipline statement, remember that it’s not based only on control but the underlying topics that coincide with it – morals, ethics, values, and personal responsibility.

Parents or guardians should serve as the primary resource for instructing their children about these concepts. Some guardians don’t set a good example or could even neglect this critical parenting role. Guardians may even leave this responsibility to educators to take the lead and help develop tomorrow’s leaders.

There are many helpful writing tips to create an excellent discipline statement. Many teachers may call this statement a Philosophy of Behaviour Management and learn more about writing one. 

What to Include In a Philosophy of Discipline Statement

In your philosophy of discipline statement, you may wish to include that you believe the classroom should be fair, consistent, and with immediate consequences of acting up. Students must know the rules and procedures right from day one and understand the resulting consequences for obeying and breaking the rules.

Education World, one of my favorite websites, has a post on Discipline With Dignity Stresses Positive Motivation. Gaining ideas for what type of discipline procedures work for other teachers may help you in your teaching journey.

Manage your classroom in an orderly fashion, where students can maintain maximum focus, productivity, and learning. Discipline does not solely rest on the individual but is influenced by the class as a whole and the atmosphere of the learning environment.

There are ways teachers rank planning, discipline, methods, and evaluation, and this could be included in your statement. 

Communicate Your Values and Morals

Educators should exhibit good morals and values, display proper manners, teach right from wrong, mediate peer conflicts, employ effective and impartial listening, and show support for students and colleagues. Teachers should emphasize the importance of following the Golden Rule, promote acceptance and multiculturalism, and compassion, and strive to help each student reach their full potential via strong behavior management and focus.

Discuss Parental Relationships

Furthermore, it is an excellent idea that instructors maintain communication with parents, encourage parental involvement within the school community, and promote education in the home. Hopefully, parents will help their children at home if they know what their children are learning in school and how they behave in the classroom. 

If parents followed their child’s process, they would experience more academic and social success. The parents may set a good example for their children and reinforce the need to gain a solid education and develop into respectable, caring, and productive members of society.

Reflect on your time in the classroom and how your view and incorporate discipline will help you write your philosophy of discipline statement.