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Philosophy of Administration and Leadership Statement Sample and Writing Tips

philosophy of administration and leadership statement sample and writing tips

Writing a philosophy of administration and leadership to submit for a school administrative position will take time and be thought-provoking.

Send your personal leadership philosophy statement with your school administrator’s resume and cover letter to provide further evidence to the hiring committee that they need to call you for a job interview.

This philosophy statement is approximately one page – 600 words.

It presents a snapshot of your beliefs and attitudes about education leadership. It will communicate your thoughts on the role of a school administrator or other education leaders.

Philosophy of Digital Leadership Statement differs from one focused on administration leadership. It is a document on leading the school’s technology initiatives. 

The document should demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the position and willingness to go the extra mile to meet the school district’s needs. It needs to communicate you have the educational leadership skills needed to succeed in the position.

Review our philosophy of administration and leadership sample to understand this valuable job search document better.

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Before writing your paper, research the school district’s policies and philosophy. While you don’t want to “mimic or parrot” the district’s philosophy, your administration and leadership view must correlate with the school district’s expectations. Your document should reflect the district’s mission and philosophy, ensuring you will fit into the school culture.

The statement should be professional, but use your unique voice and be conversational rather than stilted. Use present tense and rely on active verbs to convey a strong message. Avoid jargon; your document should be compelling, straightforward, and concise.

The following are points to consider when writing your statement:

  • What are the core values and beliefs form the foundation of your approach to administration and leadership? Describe your leadership style (authoritative, democratic, situational, etc.) and explain why you believe this style to be the most efficient in educational administration. State what you consider the most significant challenges and rewards of administrative work, referring in general terms to your experience as an administrator or similar contexts.
  • An administrator must wear many “hats.” What are the most vital roles of an administrator in your experience? Describe the flexibility necessary to balance numerous administrative roles such as managing staff, bridging school and community, and strategic planning. What personal qualities are most vital for effective leadership?
  • Administrators function as part of a collaborative community. In what ways do you strive to create a collaborative or teamwork atmosphere? What type of working environment do you strive to create? How do you make yourself accessible to your staff? (e.g., Do you believe an “open door” policy is best?) How do you motivate and empower your staff to do their best work? What means of soliciting feedback do you employ?

Knowing your philosophy verbally and being prepared to provide a copy for a school district is an excellent idea. Writing this statement will help you prepare for many essential questions you could be asked at your following administrator job interview.

Be proactive and get ready to get an edge on your competition.

The final section of your document should describe how you have fully prepared to succeed in an administrative role. Describe skills you have acquired, the particular professional experience that is closely related, and any extra steps you have taken (such as continuing education related to leadership) to hone your administrative strengths.

End the paper by expressing your vision and what you hope to accomplish as an educational leader.

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This document can transform you from being considered a “good” administrative candidate to being the right choice for the school leadership role.

Need help to put one together? Partner with us. We can make the words work to ensure you make a positive impression and have a competitive edge.

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