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International / Overseas Teaching

These international teaching job search tips will help navigate through the international teaching process to make an overseas teaching experience successful and rewarding. Research international teaching jobs carefully to ensure a great transition.

Applying for a teaching job overseas can be very different than applying for a teaching job in your home state or country. There can be unique educational requirements, a working visa, and a thorough understanding of the new country and culture in which you are about to embark on. Do you know what a typical wage is for international educators? What is the cost of living like? Are your own culture, gender, or religious beliefs welcome in the country you are applying to? Are there health concerns in the region you are considering? These are all questions you must carefully look at before hopping on the next international flight!

International Teaching Job Search Tips and Steps to Secure a New Position

You will find excellent overseas teacher resume tips, international teacher CV strategies, teaching abroad cover letter tips, and international educator job search methods. Take the time to research the country or countries you are looking to obtain a teaching job in. Understand what their cultural norms are, religious practices, and focuses on student education. Develop your teaching abroad resume based on the information you discover.

If you find you are struggling with or are stressed out over the international teaching job search process, contact Candace Alstad-Davies. She has helped thousands of educators around the world, including a plethora of international educators. As you can see by these teaching abroad articles, Candace understands how to make the international job search process much easier. She can help you with your instructor resume, teacher cover letter, educator job search, overseas job interview, and overall career coaching.

Don’t leave your international teaching career to chance – go through these comprehensive posts and contact a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach!

How to Find the Perfect International Teaching Job

how to find the perfect international teaching job

There are many resources to find the perfect international teaching job – sit back and learn more about locating overseas teacher job opportunities. Determine what you are looking for in a teaching position overseas. Make a list of your top priorities; this will help you screen out potential job leads. Many teachers seek English as [...]

Securing a Teaching Job Overseas Requires These Documents

securing a teaching job overseas requires these documents

Securing a teaching job overseas is an exciting endeavor, but it requires careful preparation and documentation. Here’s a detailed look at the essential documents you’ll need before leaping: Passport: Ensure your passport is valid and will remain so throughout your contract. If it’s close to expiration, renew it well in advance to avoid any travel [...]

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Overseas Teaching Positions

Things to keep in mind when looking overseas for teaching positions

When applying for overseas teaching positions, you need to consider many aspects of the job search that don’t apply to a regular job search. Preparing to secure an international teaching position will take patience and using effective job search steps. Besides teaching experience and credentials, below are important details to keep in mind when looking for an [...]

What Personal Attributes Are International Schools Seeking in Teaching Applicants?

Conveying appropriate personal attributes and qualities to the recruiter or hiring manager when applying for an international teaching position is vital. Of course, you want to come across as the best choice for their school, so your attitude and personality must shine through in the interview process. So, do you know the personal attributes that international [...]

Proven Methods for Finding International Teaching Positions Available

Proven methods for finding international teaching positions jobs

Are you interested in finding international teaching positions available? There are many ways to find credible overseas teacher jobs. Learning the secret of finding job opportunities overseas for teaching positions will significantly speed up your international education job search. Use a variety of search methods to located job openings for teaching overseas. If you are looking [...]

What Kind of Experience and Credentials Do I Need for Teaching Abroad?

what kind of experience and credentials do I need for teaching abroad

Teaching abroad can be a fascinating and fulfilling career and an excellent learning experience. Are you wondering what kind of work experience and credentials you need to teach internationally? This is a fundamental question to ask when looking into teaching abroad because there is conflicting and biased information. Some websites state that you need a [...]

How to Screen Out Available Overseas Teaching Jobs

How to Screen Out Available Overseas Teaching Jobs

Are you considering finding a teaching job internationally? For many, teaching abroad is an excellent chance to see the world and gain experience as a teacher and traveling. Start your overseas job search with the right tools to make it as quick and easy as possible. Asking the right questions to the school representatives about [...]