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Career Development / Educational Skills

Educators need continuing education career development to stay current and enhance their teaching or educational leadership skills. Life-long learning is paramount to ensure they continue to be efficient and employable educators. These articles contain valuable information to advance your education career — including educational issues, academic trends, teaching methods, and classroom management tips.

Regardless of your profession, it is paramount you stay current and do not let your talents and skills become stagnant. This couldn’t be truer in the world of education! Since teachers are responsible for educating and motivating our youth, they must remain enthusiastic in the classroom, possess top-notch teaching skills, and know how to facilitate all types and levels of learners within the classroom. Professional development opportunities such as in-services, teacher workshops, leadership seminars, educator courses, and school administrator training sessions, are excellent ways to enhance your teaching skills and classroom management strategies.

When you walk away from these professional development training opportunities, take the time to coordinate with fellow educators, teach them new technology, and share best practices to produce a high-achieving and engaging classroom environment.

Education career and professional development and school leadership professional development also focus on areas such as productivity, efficiency, organization, communication, teamwork, technology, data analysis, and other critical skills required to be a highly effective classroom instructor. If there is an area you feel you may be lacking in or struggle with, work with your school administration to discover teacher training workshops or continuing education initiatives to improve your teaching skills, boost your confidence, and improve student success rates.

Your willingness to engage in education career development and continuing education, and teach fellow instructors, speaks volumes to the school administrative team as well! Education career and professional development initiatives look fantastic on your education focused resume.

Education Career Revitalization – Passionate Action Tips to Take Now

education career revitalization - passionate action tips to take now

As the new school year fast approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on the current state of your career in education. It’s vital to continually visit your career goals to ensure you remain on track professionally. If you have been stuck in a rut recently or just going through the motions professionally, it’s time [...]

10 Tech Tools That Help Differentiate Your Lessons

10 Tech Tools That Help Differentiate Your Lessons

Tech tools are proving to be very effective for engaging students and maximizing their learning potential. They are a great method for facilitating all learners’ types and levels and reaching out to students’ various interests. Technology is also excellent for communicating with parents, administering assessments, and monitoring student progress. Most importantly, technology proves to be [...]

5 Websites and Tech Tools to Motivate Reading Practice

5 websites and tech tools to motivate reading practice

Books aren’t enough to motivate some kids to read. Thanks to cell phones, social media, and video games, they’re more distracted than ever before and looking for things that stimulate their imagination and engage them. In many cases, kids struggle with the activity, which makes them less likely to do it. The following reading websites [...]

How Blended Learning is Modernizing Education

how blended learning is modernizing education

Now, the world revolves around the internet. Blended learning is trending and critical to the educational sector.  Let’s discuss how it can benefit the education system and how it has helped modernize education. Gone are the days where students have to handwrite papers, use slow and clunky typewriters for their assignments, or spend day after [...]

How Teachers Use Self-Reflection and Evaluation in Education

how teachers use self-reflection and evaluation in education

Do you consider yourself a reflective teacher? Learning to use self-reflection and evaluation in education to move your career and personal life forward to achieve your goals. Self-reflection and evaluation are an essential part of my daily routine. Trust me, it works. Improved class performance, small ‘thank you’ notes from students and their parents, and [...]

5 Classroom Tech Tools That Look Great on Your Resume

5 classroom tech tools that look great on your resume

The number of teachers using classroom tech tools is on the rise, rapidly increasing each year. Technology is becoming such an integral tool in the classroom. Its’ benefits are numerous. Technology can help to present lesson concepts, can help to demonstrate examples, and can help students to practice skills through hands-on technology activities. After examining [...]

Professional Development Ideas for Teachers During the Summer

professional development ideas for teachers during the summer

Are you looking for some professional development ideas for teachers for the upcoming summer? Check out this blog post to spark some ideas and decide which ones are perfect for you. Life-long learning and continued education should be an ongoing commitment of an educator. Summer break usually provides the best opportunity in many ways. Although there [...]