How to Write an Online Teacher Resume or Virtual Tutor Resume

Writing an online teacher resume will be an important step if you wish to secure interviews to teach virtually. Make sure your resume or CV is accomplishment-based, visually-appealing and communicates the value you can offer as an educator.

Targeting your resume and other job search documents means your e-learning teacher resume needs to include RELEVANT, TRANSFERABLE skills and core competencies, which would then create keywords to ensure your resume is put through the (ATS Applicant Tracking System) and will be selected. This is, if your resume writing skills are strong enough to know what correct keywords to include. In addition, you will need to include experiences and accomplishments that relate to teaching in the e-learning field.

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Before You Write an Online Teacher Resume Identify The Required Teaching Skills

Exactly like a traditional teacher, an online teacher must be equipped with certain characteristics that set him/her apart from his/her competitors. To be truly great in her/his profession or professional life, he/she needs to be equipped with a certain set of skills along with additional knowledge of his/her field. A great online teacher is one who:

Is skillful and proficient in his/her subject and pedagogic capabilities just like a traditional teacher.

Is highly skillful in IT skills, including but not limited to, the use of online messengers, online teaching tools, internet handling, search engine use, and learning management systems. In short, he/she must be skilled in the usage of both synchronous and asynchronous communication tools.

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How many of those skills can you put in your online teacher resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile and be able to back up these skills with proof, such as solid work examples.

Required Qualifications for Online Teaching

For some online teaching jobs, teachers may be required to have a specific diploma or degree-level qualification in his/her specific subject area. For example, if you want to start teaching undergraduate students, a master's degree in that subject is a minimum requirement to be able to provide quality education to the students. Moreover, it also depends on what subject he/she is going to teach. If you are going to teach at the K-12 level, you often need a degree in education along with a master's degree in a relevant subject, such as English, Mathematics or Art.

As far as experience and relevant online qualifications is concerned, institutions or clients may be looking for an experienced teacher. It is even possible that some agencies or recruiters may ask for teaching qualifications, certifications or diplomas which are specifically relevant and helpful in different areas involved in online teaching such as IT. Therefore, it is necessary that an online teacher have online education certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Several schools, colleges and universities are now offering online degrees and diplomas. Here are some of the links that will guide you to what qualifications you need to go up the ladder of online teaching.

There are also several opportunities open for online tutoring. Many school-aged learners need help with their homework, revisions or test preparation.

The main role of the online tutor is to provide partial supervision and guidance.

There are some cases where demonstrable teaching experience can be as good as a formal qualification in a subject or in teaching itself. This can apply to those parents who have productively home-schooled their own children. They could be qualified to become online tutors for other people's children.

Point to Remember: The proven fact of being a genius in a subject is an absolute substitute for a degree or diploma. Schools and colleges want such teachers for their students who are highly qualified and capable. Similarly, there are many adults looking to groom themselves by taking extra lessons or picking up hobbies and don't necessarily need a certified individual for that. Someone wanting online tutoring in watercolor painting or photography may get what they need from an established artist or a hobbyist, regardless of whether they have the proper certifications or not. Therefore, apart from becoming a professional, you may also go for individual tutoring in a skill in which you are adept.

Certified Teaching Positions

As discussed earlier, obtaining your undergraduate/bachelors' degree is a general prerequisite to enter this field. Many teachers get the opportunity to teach during their studies as a part of their degree program. Teaching at this level is only limited to private individuals and students. A would-be online teacher can learn the finer points of teaching and gain invaluable experience through such opportunities. Such an experience will prove priceless in the process of becoming an online teacher and receiving your teacher certification.

However, getting accredited and becoming a certified online teacher is a rigorous process. Becoming a worthy online teacher involves a good deal of study, hard work, research, and topical technical know how along with practice.

The examinations that you often come across will mostly check your aptitude in general subjects like English, Math, Social studies, Science, and your general knowledge which you have been learning and gaining throughout your life. These exams will not only test your knowledge but also your discipline as a student. If you work hard, remain committed, and stay organized, you can obtain your teaching certification with relative ease. However, what you need most is a certified diploma and bachelor or master's degree in

Education, Distance Learning or Online Teaching

Please visit these links for more details about these degrees:

Currently, online teaching is more common at higher levels of study. It is important at this stage of online teaching that you have qualified degrees like a Master's degree, a PhD. and other such advanced degrees which are relevant to the subject that you want to teach. Also, your knowledge should not only be textbook based, but should also be up-to-date with recent developments taking place in the world around you. Along with this, you must have practical knowledge of your specific field to teach in a university or college. For example, if you are teaching physics, you must have everything at your fingertips that is related to the topic you are going to teach. If you are teaching business, it is better to have a practical business background.

Briefly, professional qualifications and educational degrees boost your online career and provide you with a sound background, but you need more to be truly successful, i.e. skills and experience in the field.

Online Teaching Skills

When writing your online teaching resume you will need to incorporate a different set of skills, neatly blended with the traditional teaching methodology, to secure job interviews and succeed in the field.

Some of them are related to teaching methodology while some are specific to online communication. Based on experience and a set of results, there are seven essential skills and twenty-two criterions for performing online teaching skills:


Classroom Management

Student Interaction

Organization / Instructional Design


Content Knowledge

Teamwork Skills

You Deserve to Find the Perfect Online Teaching Job and Be Happy in Your Virtual Career Environment

Why settle for a position that you do not truly enjoy? Instead, why not focus on what ignites your enthusiasm and excitement and do everything you can to make that happen?

Not only is now a good time to concentrate on switching jobs, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to work on yourself, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, and let yourself be happy in a career you truly enjoy!

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