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Education Job Interview Tips to Land a Job Offer Quickly

know the right questions to ask the interview panel in a teacher interview

Knowing the right questions to ask the interview panel committee in a teacher or any other education interview is imperative to landing a job offer. Your teacher interview isn’t just an opportunity for you to show the interview panel how much you know about teaching. It’s an opportunity to impress the interviewers with real examples [...]

How to Organize Your Teaching Portfolio

how to organize your teaching portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a large and well-organized binder that holds all of your important and relevant documents and evidence of your best teaching work. If used correctly, your portfolio is an important tool in your job search as it allows schools to see snapshots of your past teaching work, credentials, and planning skills. Find [...]

what questions should you ask the interviewer at a teaching interview

Attending a teacher interview can be pretty nerve-racking, overwhelming, and daunting. Researching the school or school district to determine what teacher interview questions to ask at the end of the meeting is essential. Many professional educators become overly anxious and nervous during the interview process. You are not alone if you suffer from these jitters [...]

How to Prepare for the Education Interview Process

how to prepare for the education interview process

As you probably know, preparing for the interview process is essential to getting a job offer. Prepare thoroughly to ensure you perform successfully during your interview. During an education interview, you will be asked to not only answer a series of interview questions to either a panel or the school principal but you will likely [...]

How to Excel in a Discussion-Based Education Interview

how to excel in a discussion-based education interview

Do you know the advantages of a discussion-based education interview? Instead of submitting to the question and answer process, when you attend your next teaching interview, approach it as an opportunity to learn. Ask questions; listen carefully; then look for opportunities to relate what you’ve learned about the school, the district, latest education trends, or [...]

education job interview tip research the school district to land a job offer

Prepare for your next education job interview by researching the school district, which is vital to ensure a successful meeting. Researching the school district isn’t something you shouldn’t just do if you have time. It’s essential to be successful in securing a job offer. It’s best not to walk into the interview without knowing anything about the prospective school. [...]

The Most Common Types of Interviews in the Education Sector

the most common types of interviews in the education sector

Do you know the most common types of interviews in the education sector? The most common interview process in the education sector is the one-on-one interview. Please read this post to learn more about different types of interviews and how to handle them. Informal Interviews During an informal interview, the interviewer knows which questions they [...]