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Education Job Interview Tips to Land a Job Offer Quickly

What Items Do I Need to Bring to a Teacher Interview?

what items do I need to bring to a teaching interview

Congratulations! You’ve landed that coveted teacher interview. Now comes the task of impressing the school district interviewers. To make the best possible impression, you’ll want to prepare; this will involve having an inventory of necessary things to bring to the interview. We often focus so much on getting ourselves to the interview, dressing correctly, being [...]

attitude and mindset at an education job interview are pivotal to success

Whether you receive a job offer after your education interview depends on many factors. The hiring decision will depend on: How your skills and talents align with the school’s needs and requirements. If you effectively communicate your value proposition. Your ability to share your relevant success stories to show the value you can bring to [...]

What to Do After a Job Interview – Steps to Land a Job Offer

what to do after a job interview steps to increase landing a job offer

After a job interview, don’t stop the job search campaign. Interview follow-up is a critical step you can’t afford to overlook if you want to land an offer. The interviewer has finished asking their questions, you’ve had a chance to ask the interviewers some questions, and now you are shaking hands and are walking out [...]

research the school district before your school administrator job interview

Do not forget to research the school district before your teacher or school administrator job interview. Investigating the school district to uncover information about the academic community and its needs is one of the most critical preparation steps. Knowing as much information as possible about the school district will help ensure you can tailor your [...]

10 Teaching Interview Tips to Kickstart Landing a Job Offer

10 teaching interview tips to kickstart landing a job offer

Are you searching for teacher interview strategies to help land your dream teaching job? Wonderful, you found the right post for interview strategies for teachers and other educators. When you walk into a teacher interview, you will be judged on your responses to the interview questions. The interview panel will compare your answers with other [...]

5 Phone Interview Tips to Land a Second Education Interview

5 phone interview tips to land a second education interview

Incorporating these phone interview tips will increase your chances of securing a second interview for the education position you desire. Preparation is the key component to ace the job interview. Get ready now if you are in an active job search. More and more schools are deciding to interview candidates over the phone, especially if [...]

5 Ways to Leave a Bad Impression in Your Interview

5 ways to leave a bad impression in your interview

When interviewing for that all-important teaching position, the last thing you want to do is make a horrible first impression on your potential future supervisor. In a job interview, you want to be likable and win over your interviewer by creating a great impression and connection. Avoid these things at all costs during any job interview. [...]