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Know the Right Questions to Ask the Interview Panel in a Teacher Interview

know the right questions to ask the interview panel in a teacher interview

Knowing the right questions to ask the interview panel committee in a teacher or any other education interview is imperative to landing a job offer.

Your teacher interview isn’t just an opportunity for you to show the interview panel how much you know about teaching. It’s an opportunity to impress the interviewers with real examples from your work experience relevant to the position available.

Asking the interview panel intelligent and genuine questions can determine if the job situation suits you. It also shows your interest in the job and will develop a positive rapport with the interviewers.

If you feel comfortable and the interviewers seem friendly, you may ask questions at appropriate times throughout the conversation. If you don’t ask questions during the interview, you should have a chance at the end of the meeting. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions when given to you to have a successful teaching interview.

How to Determine the Right Questions to Ask

First, only ask questions you can’t find an answer to after thoroughly researching the school district. For instance, information about the school’s student population can easily be found on the school website.

Consider carefully what questions you would like answered, make them genuine, and realize it is always advantageous to a couple of questions. Don’t try to dominate the meeting with your questions.

Practice asking questions you created in front of a mirror the day before the meeting. Write your questions down and bring them to the interview to remind you what questions you want.

During the teaching interview, pay attention to the conversation. You don’t want to ask the interviewers something already discussed. As well, if your questions are structured correctly, you will provide yourself with a further opportunity to sell yourself, for example: “I am very interested in team sports, what extracurricular activities are available for teachers to participate in?”.

This will show the interviewers that you are a team player with the skills and ambition to participate in extracurricular activities. Furthermore, it communicates that you will put extra effort (hours) into your position.

Potential Questions to Ask the Job Interview Panel

  1. I have always had enormous success in getting parents involved in the classroom. How active are families in your school community?
  2. Do teachers work in teams? If so, how does this work?
  3. I consider myself a lifelong learner. What professional development opportunities do you offer?
  4. Is there a mentor-teacher program available?
  5. Will the school be implementing any new programs this year? Or are there current programs that require further development?
  6. I have broad experience in integrating technology into the classroom. What kind of tools or resources does the school have available?

There are other questions you can ask in an interview. I would recommend choosing about three questions you really would like answered. Once again, avoid overwhelming the interviewers with too many questions.

In my experience as an interview coach, clients who proactively prepare for the job interview land the perfect education job quicker.

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