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How to Prepare for the Education Interview Process

how to prepare for the education interview process

As you probably know, preparing for the interview process is essential to getting a job offer.

Prepare thoroughly to ensure you perform successfully during your interview. During an education interview, you will be asked to not only answer a series of interview questions to either a panel or the school principal but you will likely be required to complete a lesson demonstration.

It is now standard practice for teacher candidates to demonstrate their ability to work with students through practical sessions by teaching a whole or part of a lesson during the interview. Usually, you will be given advanced notice that a demo lesson will be part of the education interview process. The school representatives will outline the demo lesson’s objectives, such as the allotted time and the academic level you will teach.

Because it is a relatively high-pressure situation, most candidates are nervous about working with unfamiliar students and having a teaching position on the line. The key to success in such circumstances is to prepare thoroughly and ensure the lesson demonstrates an ability to plan and deliver a practical learning experience.

Education Interview Process – Steps to Take Before The Day

Always ensure you obtain as much information as possible about the prior attainment and abilities of the students you are working with, and consider the best way a particular learning objective can be approached. Provide the students with a good starter activity to grab their attention and check student progress throughout the lesson to ensure the learning objectives are met.

Nobody will expect you to deliver a perfect lesson under these conditions. Still, you will be expected to meet the basic requirements and demonstrate that you can ensure your students’ effective learning environment and manage a class.

In addition to thoroughly preparing for the demo lesson ahead of time, you will also need to research the school. You can usually gain valuable insight into the district and school websites or call the school or the district’s human relations office.

If you know someone with children who goes to the school or a contact who works there, ask them what they think of the school and any inside details.

After the education interview process has started, you won’t have time to conduct research – do your homework on the school before entering the interview room.