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Fine-tune Your Interviewing Technique to Secure a Teaching Job Offer

Fine-tune Your Interviewing Technique to Secure a Teaching Job Offer

1. Show Up Early – One of the worst things a job seeker can do is show up late for the interview. Arrive at the meeting location about 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Leave home early, just in case there are unexpected incidents. Giving yourself extra time will still allow you to make it to the interview on time.

If you show up early, you are demonstrating your time management skills and punctuality. Furthermore, those extra few minutes will give you time to relax and not feel rushed or stressed. If you arrive at the interview place too early, you can always sit in your vehicle or walk around the block.

2. Dress Professionally – Your personal appearance is one of the first things an interviewer will notice about you. Layout your clothes the night before the interview. Make sure they are cleaned and pressed. Men interviewing for a teaching position should wear dress pants, dress shoes, a shirt and a tie, and a sports or business jacket.

If applying for a school administrative position, wear a well-fitted suit. For women applying for a teaching position, wear dress pants or a skirt, with a nice blouse or sweater. If applying for an administrative position, wear a pantsuit or skirt with a matching blazer.

3. Research the School District and Position – As with any other job that you apply and interview for, it is of utmost importance that you do your research. Find out as much as you possibly can about the school district and position you wish to secure.

Check the district’s website to discover their goals, needs, philosophy, and student population. Re-read the job advertisement and understand what is required and expected of you as a potential candidate to give you an insight on what questions will be asked during the interview. Knowing the details of the position and organization will help you to respond to any interview questions better.

4. Go Over Possible Questions and Answers Ahead of Time – Preparation for the interview is crucial. The night before, go over a list of questions you think you may be asked during the interview.

If you are unsure of what the potential interviewer may ask you, go online and do a little research – many websites provide a list of possible questions. Plan your answers ahead of time, allowing you to refine them before or during the interview.

It is possible you may not be asked any or all of the questions you reviewed prior; however, it is better to be prepared and give yourself a chance to get the creative juices flowing.

5. Make a Personal Connection with the Interviewer – This is a straightforward thing to accomplish. To make a personal connection with the interviewer, use good eye contact, offer a sincere smile, and act like you are pleased to be there – and you should be.

Do not go overboard on the eye contact, smiling, or eagerness, though, as you may come across in the wrong manner – a little too keen or lacking in proper social skills. Everyone appreciates eye contact when they are talking, and a smile can light up a room. Just think of those things that you would like to see if you were the interviewer. Don’t forget to follow-up after the interview. 

Get your job search off to a great start by devoting energy, time and using productive steps to achieve the results.