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Skills You Need to Possess as a School Administrator

Skills You Need to Possess as a School Administrator

School administrators need critical skills to provide the school community with proper leadership. Whether you are an assistant principal, head principal, or in any other leadership position, you will need to be savvy in these areas.

There are many educational leadership skills for aspiring school administrators to develop. Let’s discuss some top core competencies, areas of expertise, strengths, or characteristics that will increase your success as a school principal.

Five Common Educational Leadership Skills

1. Coordinate with all Types of People

More than likely, your particular school is a multicultural melting pot, concerning students and staff alike. Treat all individuals equally, regardless of gender, race, age, creed, socio-economic level, etc. Put your prejudices behind you and strive to make this a highly inclusive and welcoming learning environment.

Also, you will have to learn to work with many different personalities – some will be very easy to get along with, while others may be difficult and frustrating. Take the time to get to know your staff as individuals, learn what personality type each of them falls into, and how to coordinate with them accordingly.

2. Foster Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Whether you are speaking at an assembly, addressing the school board, or writing grant proposals, you must be able to communicate your thoughts clearly and concisely.

If you find you struggle with either writing or public speaking, it may be a good idea to take night classes or distance learning courses to improve these related skills. How one represents themselves verbally is a good indication of how they are as a leader. Demonstrate you are a strong, knowledgeable, and confident administrator, both in person and on paper.

3. Be an Organized Education Leader

With all the responsibilities an administrator or educational leader has, it can be easy to become disorganized. Do not let this happen. If you find yourself already overwhelmed by requests, paperwork, meetings, and other items, take a step back to prioritize and de-clutter your mess.

It is an excellent idea to develop a filing system to keep your paperwork in order and use a schedule to ensure you do not miss any meetings or events.

By keeping your professional life neat and tidy, you will find greater happiness at work and in your home life. They do go “hand in hand.” Furthermore, by warding off the chaos that disorganization brings, you will look more appealing as a candidate for future promotion.

4. Mentor and Motivate Teachers and Staff in the Building

You have something valuable to offer the school community if you were selected to fill the school administrator position. Reach out to as many colleagues as you can to provide ur advice and support. Be the “go-to” person that everyone can rely on for reliable information and assistance.

On the other hand, if you are still hoping to attain the principal’s position, you need to demonstrate leading, guiding, and coaching skills. Be a helping hand for fellow teachers – this will surely get you noticed and give you the edge over others that may be applying for the same administrative position.

5. Convey Your Passion for Educating and Leading

Nothing motivates students and staff better than a school administrator showing a genuine desire to help them progress and succeed. Play an active role in educating students.

For instance, lead an after-school program or teach a class during regular school hours. If instructors see that you still have a passion for teaching, you will help renew that aspiration in them as well.

Furthermore, parents will love the fact that you can balance administrative and instructional duties and demonstrate an honest concern for helping their children. This initiative is also an incredible way to stay connected with your teaching staff and understand the struggles they endure.