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Tips for a New Teacher to Get Their Job Hunt Off to a Great Start

6 Tips for a New Teacher to Get Their Job Search off To a Great Start

1. Commit Time and Energy

We all know that a job search can be time-consuming and challenging, almost to the point of overwhelming. However, it is a serious venture that needs to be approached with complete commitment if you want it to yield a positive result.

You may be lucky and find a position very quickly on your first time out, or you may be just the qualified, confident, and prepared candidate that employers have been waiting for; time can be everything in this venture.

Alas, nine times out of ten, job hunting is not always an easy chore and does not always go as smoothly as we would like; many times, you will receive those “unsuccessful” calls, but remember that perseverance is everything. Think of job hunting as your full-time employment until you can joyfully say, “I got the job.”

Carry your portfolio around with you, along with extra copies of your resume and a business card. 

2. Monitor job databases

Regularly monitor online and offline job databases and school district sites. Skipping even one day could run you the risk of missing an ideal opportunity. Contemplate using specialized educational websites that list available jobs and help new educators find the job to suit them.

Serious and reputable online databases will provide you with a list of up-to-date positions, giving you a solid, comprehensive listing of educational positions both in your area and nationally.

3. Subscribe to Mailing Lists

Subscribing to educational mailing lists is a free tool that can considerably increase your chances of finding the position you want. Most online websites that specialize in maintaining employment opportunity databases offer their visitors this attractive service.

Registering with online mailing lists will allow you to narrow down your selection to your choice’s educational positions and cities while emailing you these positions directly to your personal email address. What could be simpler?

4. Get the Word Out

Keeping your job search a secret is not going to help. Get the word out by letting people know you are looking for employment. Keep your friends, relatives, and colleagues in the loop. With the help of your family, friends, and business acquaintances, you may find out about the ideal job for you.

If you are conducting a confidential job search, you will have to select who you tell and who you don’t. 

Building a network of both personal and business contacts is invaluable and will stretch your job search blanket just that much further. Word of mouth goes a long way!

5. Connect with People

Try to socialize with as many different groups of people as possible, as some of your acquaintances might happen to know the right people or have heard about a position that is right for you. A fellow gym member or a customer sitting next to you in a barber chair might happen to know of an opening. Networking is essential and has proven to bring great results time after time.

6. Visit Job Fairs

Job fairs have become a huge commodity in the job search market. More and more employers, including educational employers, are moving to job fairs to solicit resumes and ultimately qualified, passionate candidates. Job fairs and various conventions where representatives of national and local companies and school districts gather are being organized regularly.

These are ideal places where you can meet representatives and network with professionals. A well-organized job fair can provide you with a unique opportunity to find the job you have been seeking for a long time.