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The Best Job Hunter Often Gets the Job After the Perfect Interview

The Best Job Hunter Often Gets the Job After the Perfect Interview

We at A+ Resumes for Teachers strongly recommend that you use our interview coaching service to see the results of being better prepared for interviews truly.

The best piece of advice would be: “be yourself,” this has never been more important than in the job search process. Examine your best attributes and HOW to sell yourself to the teaching industry.

Schools are looking for energy, motivation, good personality, creativity, and professional appearance. Teaching is a profession where a person’s personality traits are fundamental, as teachers have a lot of responsibility to serve as role models. Convey you have those attributes that will allow you to foster children’s social and academic growth.

Research the School

I can’t stress this enough.

Find out as much as possible about the school district, the school itself, its philosophy, what curriculum and programs they run, and their achievement rating. If you can help the school solve problems and close the achievement gap, you are that much closer to getting hired.

1. Shake hands firmly and don’t take a seat until offered. Don’t slouch, and always maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s).

2. Always remain professional before, during, and after the interview. Relax and be yourself, but don’t forget the person sitting on the other side of the desk could be your future principal.

3. Dress for success for an immediate favorable first impression. Don’t underestimate a polished look. Shine your shoes, as many candidates forget this.

4. Bring at least three copies of your professionally prepared resume with a list of references on matching letterhead.

5. Don’t bad mouth your present or former school principal, colleagues, or school/school district. Limit your comments to only what’s necessary and stay positive when discussing past teaching positions.

6. Talk in a firm, confident voice and always present a positive attitude.

7. Practice mock interviews with a career coach or friend to pinpoint your weaknesses and work to improve them. Remember, practice makes perfect.

8. Ask relevant questions during the job interview to create a two-way communication. It’s important to develop a rapport with the interviewer, and if you can create a two-way conversation with the school principal, it will help immensely.

9. Allow the interviewer to describe the position and its responsibilities early in the interview to apply your career accomplishments to the specific teaching position.

10. Follow up on your job interview within three business days. Enthusiasm and interest make a difference.

11. Let the interviewer bring up salary first. The candidate who talks about salary first could lose getting a job offer.

12. Always send a thank you note the day following the interview. Sending a thank-you note is an essential step in the job search process. It shows your continued interest as well as your good manners.

13. Understand nervousness is normal; prepare for it to convey a calm appearance.

These are just some tips. If you want to master the art of interviewing, contact us — your future career partner.