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A Professional Resume Will Actually Make You Money

a professional resume will actually make you money

Some individuals still believe that the cost of professional resume writing is expensive. Think about all the hours you spend dropping off resumes that you or Aunt Betsy created, which failed to generate interviews. Think about the 6 – 9 months or longer spent trying to get a job when you could have nailed down plenty of interviews, found that dream job, and be earning more money so much faster. Isn’t that worth the investment?

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while now and feel that it’s beginning to become a waste of time, either due to failure or lack of interest, consider letting us revamp your resume. It will breathe new life into your total job search from beginning to end.

Our Client’s Story

We had an unemployed client for just over one year and thought he would use our services after having no success with the resume and cover letter he created. After sending out the professional resume and cover letter we developed, he immediately received interviews; within two weeks, he accepted a teaching position he really wanted.

If he had come to us sooner, he would have earned approximately $50,000 – and saved a lot of stress and frustration. When he first came to us, his self-esteem was low. He was an experienced, passionate teacher who had a lot to offer a school but had difficulty putting it on paper. This client’s self-esteem skyrocketed after seeing his accomplishments on paper and recognizing his true value to prospective schools. The result – he nailed the interview and landed an offer.

A Professional Resume is an INVESTMENT in Your Future

You are investing in improving your chances of success in a competitive market. Think in terms of enhancing your future. This investment captures the level of experience, expertise, depth, and results you expect and deserve.

Producing a resume and a cover letter that improves your chances of opening the right doors takes time. It’s too important to rush and much more valuable than concert tickets, fancy electronics, or golf clubs. Whether you need a school principal resume to show your unique selling point or a teaching resume, it will be more of an investment.

If you’re considering the costs of hiring a professional resume writer, add up some of these expenses:

  • Time and travel to interview locations that don’t pan out
  • Time spent applying to jobs, either in person, online or on the phone.
  • The costs of wasteful networking events that don’t end up being fruitful

Our Professional Resume Writing Process

When we develop a resume and cover letter, we need to understand our client, their value and achievements, what makes them unique, and their career goals. We then carefully produce a document designed specifically for the client; we do not cut and paste statements. It is a complete transformation, not a minor update. It will set you apart from your competition and is designed to help you gain the winning edge you need.

Producing a door-opening professional resume and an impressive cover letter for an experienced educator can take between six and eight hours. My clients tend to be people who are making serious career moves.

An effective resume and cover letter can help you achieve a higher salary, reduce the time to get the job you want, and help ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

There are cheaper resume writing services available – but they may be just typing services. Many people have told me that cheaper services really cost more because they don’t achieve the results. These people often end up using our professional resume writing service in the long run, so they lose out on the initial money they spent on a cheaper service. It’s simply not worth the risk.

“An unsuccessful job search is far more costly than the one-time investment of an accomplished- based professional resume.”