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Writing a School Teacher or Administrator Resume to Convey Your Value

writing a school teacher or administrator resume to convey your value

Writing a school teacher or administrator resume, or a college or university resume or curriculum vitae CV to get an education job interview can be a huge challenge.

That is, if you don’t know how to uncover and convey in your teacher or administrator resume relevant accomplishments, skill set, the scope of positions you held using industry education keywords.

First of all, you need to understand that your education resume is a marketing tool, and you are marketing a product, and that product is you. Do not underestimate the power of this document.

This one or two-page overview of your relevant core competencies, accomplishments, and scope of responsibility is the only thing representing you during your absence.

As many of you know, in the 21st Century, it takes more than just filling out a simple job application to find a great job. The educational resume writing and job search process have changed dramatically over the last ten years; sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with the new trends.

There are many resume writing tips to consider when developing your resume, and sometimes it can be overwhelming for the job seeker to undertake effectively.

What usually happens is the job seeker rushes the project and makes inadequate documents resulting in zero to minimal response. Rushing only adds to the job seekers’ frustration and drains their bank account while they are sitting waiting for the golden opportunity to appear magically.

First, you will need to decide which resume format is best suited to your current situation and background.

Choosing the wrong resume format will often put you on an uneven playing field. Common formats include chronological, functional, combination, accomplishment-based, and a Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Developing your resume using the correct content is the basis of an okay resume; however, to develop a compelling resume, you need to load it with significant accomplishments and core education skills.

After deciding on the correct format and preparing the documents, you must also consider if you need an eResume. The odds are you will need one or two different types.

There are different types of online eResumes, including a text version, which is the simplest form. Many people refer to this as an ASCII version. An eResume can also include a formatted, PDF, or .rtf resume sent as an email attachment. Then there is the web resume, which is gradually gaining popularity. A web resume can be referred to as an HTML resume or an electronic resume.

These resumes have one common characteristic — they need to include specific keywords relevant to a school teacher or principal job.

Keywords are a critical component of any resume or a cover letter posted online or scanned. It is important to know and understand which keywords are the “hot words” for your teaching position and school district so you can incorporate them into your marketing documents. Learn how to create a searchable resume to submit online efficiently. This step is imperative to any job search.

Find keywords by reviewing educator job postings, networking, or looking on school websites.

If you find that the administrator resume or curriculum vitae you have written are not generating the response you expected, consider using our service. Based on past clients’ experience, they have found that partnering with A+ Resumes for Teachers has dramatically increased their job search success.