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Writing a Teacher Cover Letter to Show You Researched the School

writing a teacher cover letter to show you researched the school

Writing a teacher cover letter (a.k.a. an application letter) requires researching the school. Communicate your personality and passion for teaching to show your authenticity.

Tailor your application letter when applying to different teaching jobs by reading and implementing these cover letter writing tips:

Include Job Specifics

The first paragraph of your cover letter should include important details:

• Which teaching job are you applying for if you know? If you don’t, you could be general in the sense of stating an elementary position.

• What is the teacher or assistant principal job reference number? (If you have one.)

• Where did you hear about the teaching vacancy, if there was a place?

• If it is a mass mailing or blind mailing, the opening statement needs to be very catchy.

Review the other teaching job application letter writing tips with examples to get further ideas.

Do Your Research on the School District or Organization

Show in your letter of introduction you have background information on the school or school district you are applying to.

An education cover letter should be tailored to each school district, if possible. If the school has a website, which most do, this can be a great starting point to find details about how they are unique.

Find out what you can and make a point of explaining why you are specifically interested in working for their school district.

School districts are impressed when you mention some specifics directly related to their school community. Discover something interesting about their extra-curricular programs, team teaching opportunities, mentor teacher programs, computer technology program, or if they have high test scores.

What Value Can You Offer The School Community and Student Academics?

Researching the school or district will make a difference. Explain why your relevant skills and attributes would benefit the school and what kind of contribution you could make.

What you communicate needs to be relevant. If you discover the school is big on music and different languages, mentioning your expertise with musical instruments would be helpful.

Focus on what they are looking for in a teaching applicant – remember it is about what they are looking for, not just about your strengths. Each piece you mention in your cover letter should directly relate to the job advertisement or listing. Pull what you include directly from there.

Presentation of the Information is Everything – First Impressions Count! 

Spelling or grammatical errors are quite simply unacceptable in a cover letter for any teaching job application. Always read the letter carefully numerous times and have it proofread by someone.

Making your application letter concise is paramount. Create a balance between giving enough information without rambling. Don’t go over one page. 

Once completed, your application letter should be printed out using a formal, simple font style to match your resume. Print the document on resume bond paper to ensure it looks and feels professional.

Don’t use bright colored paper with fancy designs on it. White or off-white are the best; anything else may make your application stand out, but for the wrong reason.

Triple check the spelling of the school principal or superintendent’s name and the school or school district. Include your full name and contact details. The letterhead should match the resume with all your contact information. View our cover letter samples.

A cover letter is your first impression of the school district hiring representative. Ensure you make an excellent impact.

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