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Ensure Your Cover Letter and Resume Complement Each Other

your cover letter and resume should complement each other to ignite interest

A cover letter should complement the resume you are submitting to ensure they are working together to market your qualifications, experience, and personality.

Have you been trying to write the perfect cover letter? Do you lack the objectivity, power words, and statements that will demand you get an education interview?

Many people believe that they should write their job search marketing documents because they are highly successful and are educators.

Don’t get frustrated trying to write an exceptional resume and cover letter yourself. Have an experienced resume writing take care of it for you. 

It is tough to write your resume and cover letter because you are not an objective third party who can look at your experience and skills and do an excellent job marketing them effectively. Additionally, you may not have experienced in creating cover letters.

At A+ Resumes for Teachers, we position you to meet the needs of today’s competitive teaching climate best. A compelling cover letter can be the deciding factor for whether you get an interview or not.

Consider your cover letter an advertisement of your strongest skills and teaching style, along with an introduction to your amazing personality. This letter will represent you in place of yourself.

Your job search letters need to send a message to the reader’s brain similar to…

“We need to call this teaching candidate. They sound interesting, qualified, and will help this school increase student achievement.”

Even when cover letters are not mentioned in teacher job posting ads, schools still expect to receive them. Schools value excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Careless writing presents a poor impression of your abilities, especially when you are educating young people. Laziness can damage opportunities for interviews.

Cover letters should complement the resume, and the opening sentence needs to be unique and GRAB the reader’s attention. Schools skim hundreds of cover letters, so if the introduction is BORING, the document goes into the “NO” pile. Let your personality and positive attitude shine through. Show passion for your teaching career and the education industry.

Different types of cover letters can complement your resume and help with your job search. These include broadcast letters, letters to recruiters, networking letters, letters responding to a classified advertisement, specific teaching job target, and sending your resume via email.

Each letter has a unique function. Therefore it is necessary to develop the message to serve the purpose. Ultimately the purpose of a cover letter to get the resume read and secure an interview.

During the interview, discuss the contents of your resume and cover letter with the panel members to communicate your value.

Review cover letter samples and an idea of how they should look.