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5 Ways an Application Letter for a Teacher Can Communicate Passion

5 ways an application letter for a teacher can communicate passion

Your application letter must convey passion if you wish to secure your desired teaching position. Hiring school administrators are looking for love, enthusiasm, energy, and commitment when hiring new teachers.

These qualities help ensure students’ academic experience will be well-rounded and meaningful to optimize learning. The traits above indicate an educator who can inspire and motivate students to learn, grow, and reach their full potential academically and socially.

Keep all these things in mind when developing your teacher’s cover or application letter.

An Application Letter for a Teacher Position Must Convey Passion and Dedication

Tailoring your educational cover letter to meet the school district’s needs is an excellent starting point. Do this by researching the school district or organization. What you uncover will help you focus on what a school administrator or hiring authority will look for in a candidate.

Highlight Relevant Accomplishments in Your Application Letter for a Teacher Job

Discussing professional teaching achievements is an excellent way to communicate your devotion to teaching and will provide concrete results and evidence of the value you can bring to a school district.

When determining and writing about your job accomplishments in your application letter for a teacher, use the acronym CAR (Challenge, Action, Result). Describe a challenge you faced, the action you took, and the results of your move. Within these CAR accomplishments, demonstrate the passion for the subject matter and the drive you put toward achieving your goal.

For instance:

“The class was showing little enthusiasm for the geography portion of the curriculum. I surveyed the class to discover their unique backgrounds and lineages. This information was utilized to design interesting activities that showcased our multicultural group, engaged the learners, and sparked students’ imagination.”

“A particular student was struggling with math. He was unable to attend the after-school sessions I had organized for students. Instead, I scheduled daily time slots before the school day began in order to provide him with the individualized assistance he required. The student was able to quickly grasp the material, and go from a near-failing grade to an 85% on his final exam in math.”

CAR achievements make great content for your teacher’s resume as well! Just take out “I” and utilize past tense action words instead. Furthermore, try to provide facts and statistics like the second example above.

You can review teacher application letter example excerpts to give you some ideas to write your own.

Emphasizing a Willingness to Go Above and Beyond

Highlighting your desire to go above and beyond the call of duty is another excellent technique for communicating your passion and dedication. A strong application letter for a teacher should show your belief that the job does not end when the school bell rings at the end of the day.

Communicate that you are committed to providing after-school support, seeking additional resources, and attending extracurricular events to establish a thriving school community. Your passion for the profession should be evident in your actions and words.

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Attending Courses and Other Professional Development Initiatives

While some workshops and in-services are mandatory for teachers to follow, others are not. If you have sought additional courses or seminars, include them in your teacher’s cover letter and resume. Dedication to professional and personal development goes a long way when administrators determine which candidates should receive a job interview.

Showcase all post-secondary degrees you have earned and courses you have taken while expressing your desire to learn more and grow as a professional educator. If you have earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Degree, make sure they are prominent in your educational application letter and teacher resume.

Utilizing Quotes and Testimonials

By incorporating quotes from teachers, administrators, parents, and former students, you can create an excellent application letter for a teacher. These testimonials should convey your passion, diligence, and commitment to the students in your class and the school as a whole. Do not be afraid to ask for a teacher’s letter of recommendation or supporting words from one of your administrators.

These professional quotes can also be integrated into your teacher resume to substantiate your dedication to education and definitively portray the talents you possess that make you a versatile and driven teacher. The letters of recommendation themselves can be submitted in your teaching portfolio or during your job interview.

Blatantly State You Are a Passionate Educator

Incorporate the words a school hiring administrator is looking for: passion or passionate, dedication, commitment, goal-driven, hard-working, diligent, and so forth. Whichever words you choose to incorporate in your teacher’s cover letter, make sure they are accurate. For example, use sentences in your application letter such as:

  •  As a collaborative and student-centered teacher with seven years of hands-on classroom expertise, I am confident in my ability to become a valuable and passionate member of your academic team.
  • The enclosed resume will highlight my career accomplishments, showcase my passion for education, and demonstrate my commitment to helping all students succeed.
  • As an excellent and enthusiastic instructor, I welcome meeting with you to discuss how my teaching expertise, talents, and passion will benefit your academic program.

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Writing a teaching philosophy statement is another excellent method to communicate your passion, personality, and authenticity. Don’t miss out on this extra opportunity to sell yourself to land a teaching interview and, ultimately, a great teaching job offer.

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