How an Effective LinkedIn Profile Can Skyrocket Results

When conducting a job search or working on your career development, often people put the majority of their focus into developing their resumes and cover letters, and in finding job leads. Although these are both essential activities, don't forget to utilize all avenues.

A great resume and cover letter are not enough in today's ever competitive world.

You also need a strong, online presence so you can be found by recruiters and school districts who are searching for candidates like you.

How an Effective LinkedIn Profile Can Skyrocket Results

Elevate your online presence with a LinkedIn profile.

Millions of professionals across the globe are on LinkedIn — making it the most popular social media networking site for employment. To keep up with everyone else, you need to have a search optimised LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn summary, headline, skills, and work history have to include keywords and those keywords need to be placed correctly.

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A question some educators ask: Has LinkedIn taken over from the CV or resume? No, it has not.

Many recruiters depend on LinkedIn to find talent — and that includes the education field. Considering how competitive the traditional routes are for applying to teaching positions,it is incredibly important to also have a strong online presence where representatives from schools, companies or organizations can find you..

Not only will a LinkedIn profile allow potential employers to find you, it is also a social network. This means that you can use LinkedIn to grow an active and fruitful professional network of contacts. These contacts can help you in your job search by alerting you to any potential opportunities in your teaching specialty. Since most jobs are found by word of mouth, or through the hidden job market, a professional network is invaluable.

Advantages of Being on LinkedIn are Numerous

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Here are a few of the top benefits of having a LinkedIn profile:


LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Job Search

A LinkedIn Profile is an essential marketing tool for today's job seeker and is also accessible outside of LinkedIn. The better your LinkedIn Profile is written, the higher you will appear in search results – regardless of your level of credentials.

Additionally, the ability to make connections with other people in your industry unlocks tons of potential job opportunities.

Hiring committees use LinkedIn to find new and exciting talent for their schools, so it is a great way to shorten the length of your job search. The best part is that your LinkedIn Profile can be used to complement your resume, letting hiring committees peruse your expertise and skills on their schedule.

There are many tips to unlock the power of LinkedIn for your next career move.

It is so important to have an impressive profile that will showcase your strengths and skills.

You also need your profile content to be keyword-rich, enabling your profile to be successfully picked up by search engines and employer searches.

The option to include recommendations from your real-world network will also help to build your credibility and will carry an abundance of weight in your profile. The more detailed your profile development is, the better. List all your valuable information about your past and present employment, education, job industry, and websites. Remember to include keywords and skills from your resume in your profile so you can be discovered by potential hiring authorities and employers. You can also add a photo to your profile. I would recommend uploading a headshot so it looks the most professional.

In today's job market, an advertised job posting can generate over a hundred responses or more from potential applicants. However, with the help of LinkedIn, you can get a direct referral from somebody who is already working at the school. Landing a referral can make a significant difference to your job search. LinkedIn integrates the universal concept of networking with modern and innovative ideas to make it one of the most highly influential and popularly used social platforms for professionals.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn have become an important part of the job searching activities of every potential applicant in the job market and most recruiters are now fusing these online platforms with their initial evaluations of possible employees. LinkedIn is very similar to ordinary social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. To take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn fully you have to ensure you have an updated, search optimized profile and robust enough to attract the interest of potential employers.

How your LinkedIn Profile is written makes all the difference in whether you will get noticed or ignored.

Don't take any chances with your future.

Let recruiters find YOU instead of the other way around.

LinkedIn offers lots of resources to make your job search more productive and convenient. By learning the important aspects of this website, you can increase your online visibility to grow your LinkedIn network, and you will be on your way to getting hired in a short period.

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