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Secure a Teaching Job Easier With Job Search Tips for New Teachers

secure a teaching job easier with job search tips for new teachers

Secure a teaching job easier using these job hunting tips and strategies for new teachers. A job search plan should be effective from the beginning of the career move.

If you have just finished college and have received your education degree or are currently a professional not in the teaching field and want to transition into teaching, then read on.

The process of finding employment in the education field can be an overwhelming task if you are unprepared.

Breaking into Teaching is Not Easy

Quite often, more experienced teachers are automatically invited to continue teaching at the beginning of each school year, leaving those new to the field out of luck. Another reason for job seeker frustration is that available teaching positions may be limited and competitive.

Looking where to look to secure a teaching job will help significantly. There are ways you can make this process a lot less painful by following a few simple guidelines, and before you know it, you will be on your way to a new teaching career!

Talk to Human Resources

If you are a new graduate, visit your local school system’s human resource department or recruiting department and inquire about any possible open positions. If there are currently no available teaching jobs, ask if you can leave your first-year teacher resume if something opens up.

Most teacher interviews take place several months before the actual hiring for the upcoming school year.

Begin as a Substitute

Beginning as a substitute teacher will help you start your career as a full-time teacher. As a supply or substitute teacher, take the time necessary to network with everyone in the school community.

Well-liked, effective substitutes often get hired full-time once they’ve demonstrated their skills to the school.

Building a professional rapport with co-workers and administrators will be essential to secure a teaching job. By creating outstanding working relationships with students, colleagues, and parents, your chances of getting hired as a full-time teacher will significantly increase.

If you think you are a beginning teacher with no experience to include in your resume, think again. Substitute and student teaching experiences are valuable to secure a teaching position in a classroom of your own.

Develop a relationship with the school administrators and demonstrate that you are passionate and enthusiastic about having your own classroom. If you do an excellent job while substituting, you will have more chance of getting a teaching interview if the school administration knows you and wish to be a full-time teacher.


Networking is crucial. Let everyone in your social circle―your family, friends, and colleagues know you are looking for a full-time teaching position. Having genuine casual conversations can lead to further opportunities. Usually, it is easier to get an interview when you are vouched for by word of mouth, especially if you are new to the field.

Many overlooked alternative teaching positions include: tutoring, coaching, training, mentoring, or teaching degree programs.

Do not limit yourself off to just instruction in a traditional school environment. Usually, if you have just started in the teaching profession, an excellent way to get acquainted with the field is in training positions.

There are different benefits to working at a private school and a public school. Research the differences before deciding on what teaching route you will take. 

Do an Internet Search

Search for job postings on the internet. If you enter “teacher jobs” or “teaching jobs,” or “education jobs'” on any job website’s search engine, you will find a huge list of teaching positions.

The drawback to this is that hundreds of other interested teachers are looking at the same available jobs. Narrowing your search online by searching specific teaching areas, for instance, “math teacher,” will narrow your search for that particular job title and make things a little less overwhelming.

Persistence is Key

Entering any new field can feel overwhelming and daunting, but persistence and hard work will guarantee your success. Start with a visually appealing, keyword-rich, accomplishment-based teacher resume and cover letter that showcases what you can bring to the school district.