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Teacher Job Search Time Management Tips

Teacher Job Search Time Management

As a teacher, job search time management is critical to finding an excellent teaching position during the hiring season. Searching for a teaching position can be a full-time job, but what is the most effective way to manage your energy and time?

For most educators seeking a job, the goal is to find the best opportunity quickly, but it can be difficult to implement this plan every day. Make the most of your valuable time by expediting the process so you can stop searching and start working.

First, you need to make a plan for effective job search time management and set measurable goals. Starting the search with a targeted teaching resume will do wonders.

Take the time to think about how you could get hired and brainstorm all the different avenues of finding a job. Include a list of potential target schools to research, recruiters to contact, websites to visit, contacts you could use, job fairs, online job boards, and industry events to attend.

Honestly, assess your skills and qualifications and only apply to those positions that are right for you. Fight the urge to apply for all job postings you find. Instead, target those that best align with your qualifications and focus on creating a good balance of your applications’ quantity and quality.

Lastly, maintain focus on your job search activities. One important job search time management tip is not to get lured into watching TV, social media, or mindless surfing while working on your job search. Work with purpose and intention, and be conscious of your goal in every activity you do. There are a lot of other strategies for teachers to align their priorities.

Having clarity about what you need to accomplish will help you maintain focus.

Having said all this, I recognize that searching for the right teaching position can be emotionally draining, be sure to incorporate small things that will lift your spirits. Take time to volunteer or talk to a friend. These small things will give you the momentum to push through and keep going until you find that great job.