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A Winning Teacher Job Fair Strategy to Land a Second Interview

A Winning Teacher Job Fair Strategy to Land a Second Interview

If you don’t have a teacher job fair strategy, it is time to get busy and put one together to make the best use of your time.

An education career fair is where several schools, possibly from different districts, come together to scout qualified teachers to hire.

In such an event, teachers interested in landing a new teaching job receive the chance to showcase their teaching skills and distribute their resumes to different schools. You will get a chance to network with other teachers or school administrators at the fair.

Teachers who make an excellent impression are the ones who will get a formal second interview or be hired on the spot. A teacher job fair can be a nerve-racking task because there will be many job applicants at the fair, all looking for the perfect teaching position.

Don’t feel intimidated – there are many things you can do to stand out.

Six Career Tips for Your Next Teacher Job Fair

Arrive Early to the Job Fair

Arriving early will allow you to scout out the layout of the tables. The extra time will give you a chance to visit the booths you really want to and spend adequate time at each. Make sure you line up to the booths you are most interested in first to ensure you do not waste time and miss the schools where you are most interested in teaching. Prepare a few genuine questions to ask the school hiring representatives when it’s your turn.

Take Multiple Copies of Your Resume

Have your resume critiqued by a professional. It is a worthwhile investment to have a perfect resume and cover letter to hand out. Bring with you copies of various teaching certificates or any other vital information.

Dress Professionally to Create an Excellent First Impression

Of course, your attire should be professional. Prepare by wearing comfortable shoes since you will be standing in line up for long periods of time. Before the teacher job fair, it is advisable to get sufficient sleep and eat a healthy breakfast to ensure you have enough energy to last the day.

Practice Answering  Interview Questions

Know which schools are attending and find out more about the ones you are interested in speaking with to find more information. Bring along any questions that you want to ask. Rehearse how you are going to answer the interview questions to could be asked. Above all else, relax and be yourself.

Network, Gather Business Cards, and Take Notes

Though there might be a certain degree of competitiveness at the career fair, create conversations to network with the other job hunters. Some of these teachers searching for a new position might be future co-workers. Talking also eases tension. Gather business cards and make notes on the back of each to help identify each person when you meet them again.

Follow up After the Job Fair

Send the interviewers’ thank you emails for taking the time to speak with you. This will show your continued interest in their school, and it will help the interviewer remember you.

Do you have any other tips for teachers attending a job fair?

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