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How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter to Overcome Gaps and Obstacles

how to write a teacher cover letter to overcome gaps and obstacles

There are numerous circumstances in which you will compose a teacher cover letter to overcome challenges. An obstacle in your background may raise a red flag upon a hiring manager reviews your job search documents.

These conditions can include layoffs, demotions, long-term unemployment, gaps in employment, a short time at a position, and medical leave. Many job seekers may feel these will create a challenging job search. This is often true if you don’t communicate your past employment situation effectively.

Writing this application letter for a teaching position will take more thought. It can be more complicated than a regular teacher’s cover letter.

Although these situations may seem to be potential hiring concerns, your cover letter is the ideal place to address these issues.

One thing to remember is to keep the explanation brief; don’t over-elaborate. The tone of the application letter needs to be upbeat. After all, this is your job search marketing tool.

Writing Strategies to Overcome Obstacles Effectively

Address a Layoff

Explain the dismissal as briefly as possible, then communicate your excitement and enthusiasm about the opportunity to work immediately for the available teaching or other educational position.

Describing the situation will determine how you are viewed as a candidate. Also, what position did you hold? Were other teachers or resource professionals laid off? Were you a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, assistant principal, librarian, etc., and what led to the layoff?

Faced Long-term Unemployment

Describe briefly your education or other position and responsibilities in your previous employment. Do not emphasize the duration of your unemployment, but focus on the new teaching or leadership skills you attained during your hiatus. Mention any volunteer or professional development you took during this time. Focus on the positive aspects of your educational career in the letter.

Explain the Reasons for Your Medical Leave

Don’t disclose any medical information because this may jeopardize your chances of gaining employment. Briefly state your leave of absence and notify your potential employer that you have regained your strength and are fit to work again. Deciding to disclose your medical information is a strictly personal choice.

Time off to Care for an Ill Family Member

Briefly state the situation. Communicate you have been able to upgrade your teaching or other relevant skills through self-study. Let them know you have resolved the family situation, are now 100% focused on your career, and are qualified for the position available.

Time Off to Raise Children

Show your potential employer that you have kept up-to-date in your profession during your time away from teaching. Letting the reader know you have acquired new technology skills and teaching ideas will give you an advantage. It shows you are a life-long learner. Mention any volunteer work you were involved in; it may be within your child’s classroom or at the library.

Embarking on a New Career Path

It’s important to state your reasons and passion for making the career change to teaching. Try to steer the employer to view you as competent in your new career. State the reasons why you think you can excel in this new position.

Transition to Teaching from a Corporate Job

Communicate to the potential employer the reasons for leaving that field. Ensure they understand it isn’t due to failure but to pursue your passion. The school or organization must realize you would be an asset to their team instead of a liability. Uncovering transferable skills and including them in your teaching application letter and resume is paramount for a career change.

Changing Jobs Frequently

Let the reader know you are searching for a job and are willing to commit substantially. Communicate to the potential employer that you are willing to be loyal and dedicated to work with no intention of leaving shortly.

Experienced a Demotion in a Previous Job

What you include would depend on the circumstances of the demotion. You may or may not include information in the cover letter about taking a different job of a lower rank at a previous place of employment. Assure the employer you can do more and benefit in the position they seek to fill.

Writing a cover letter to overcome obstacles is crucial to your job search. Ensure the wording paints a positive picture and communicates the value you will bring to the school or organization.

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