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During Your Education Job Search Communicate Your Unique Selling Point

during your education job search communicate your unique selling point

Are you preparing for an education job search? Review and implement these tips and steps to uncover your unique selling point as a teacher or any position in the education sector.

As a job seeker, you must communicate your value as an educator, a critical aspect of a successful educational job search.

Meet the minimum requirements mentioned in a teaching job posting and demonstrate what exceptional relevant qualities, teaching skills, or achievements you can bring to the school or organization.

Your unique selling proposition, referred to as your personal brand, is used to communicate your genuine value in an education job search. This selling point should be about 10 – 12 words short and include your biggest, most relevant strength and the primary benefit a school district or organization will receive by hiring you.

Communicate Your Unique Selling Point in a Resume

Let’s take a school teacher as an example:

All classroom teachers must develop and instruct lesson plans that adhere to the curriculum and benchmarks. But how are your lesson plans different?

Do you create engaging and hands-on lesson plans?

Do you bring a real-life connection to the classroom?

Are you able to differentiate the instruction using technology?

Do they relate to the real world and leave students wanting to learn more?

If so, mention this in your resume and cover letter.

What makes your behavior management plan so effective?

Do you implement innovative teaching methods for keeping students well-behaved and focused?

Do you go the extra mile to maintain communication with parents?

Are there team-building techniques you apply to boost morale amongst fellow teachers?

A trick to find your unique selling point to use throughout your education job search.

Start by outlining the typical tasks that teachers face daily. Besides each regular responsibility, write down what makes your method more practical or creative than an average teacher. Next, analyze how these techniques impact the overall learning process.

Turn these innovations into selling points and highlight them in your job search documents. If your teaching methods can be assessed via a data-based form, bullet them as achievements under each appropriate job position listed on your résumé. For example:

  • Incorporated literature-based units and reader’s workshops to raise students’ reading levels by at least 1 ½ grade levels.
  • Introduced a reward program for class attendance and participation, thus achieving a 100% attendance rate year-round.
  • Used math manipulatives and real-world connections to increase students’ math scores to a minimum grade of 85% on state testing.

In addition to the time spent during regular classroom hours, mention if you participate in extra-curricular activities. School districts love to see their teachers are flexible and willing to put in extra time to help establish a well-rounded and successful school community. Highlight your time spent on boards or committees, coaching sports, sponsoring clubs, or providing after-school tutoring. This information can be bulleted to make it stand out from your responsibilities.

A Successful Education Job Search Requires Uncovering Teaching Accomplishments

These items must be considered when formulating your resume and academic application letter. The cover letter is your chance to let your true personality and passion for the profession shine through. Explain your exceptional teaching techniques and how they positively influence student learning.

If you have attained accomplishments with specific numbers like those listed above, bullet them in your cover letter. Throughout your job search for the perfect education job, let the reader know your unique qualities or methods work and truly be an asset to a hiring school district.

You should craft the perfect school teacher or administrator resume and cover letter to turn your dream job into reality.

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