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Why Should Teachers Avoid Functional Resumes If Possible?

Why Should Teachers Avoid Functional Resumes if Possible

Have you heard that teachers should avoid functional resumes if possible? Let me explain why.

When creating a teacher resume, the functional resume option may seem like a good option for you.

If you have large gaps between teaching positions or there are points you’d like to omit, like titles or length of time spent at each school, you may think the functional resume will help cover up this information and, instead, bring attention to your skills and knowledge base. This strategy tends to be a poor idea, and here is why.

A functional resume is meant to display only functional skills and eliminate all references to previous employment history. This layout’s reasons were that it would bring more attention to a candidate’s functional and transferable skills and knowledge base without bringing attention to employment gaps or irrelevant work experience.

No employer will be fooled by this method of showing your skills. Omitting important information from your resume will only bring more attention to the fact that it is missing. Employers will be immediately suspicious about why you have chosen to leave this important information out, causing them to dispose of your resume before you have a chance to defend your choices.

To get over this hurdle, include as much information as possible in a combination formatted resume. Don’t let the hiring committee jump to conclusions about any employment gaps. Include categories in your resume that are specific to your functional skills while explaining employment gaps right in your resume by stating things like “left school to raise my children” or “left to return to university.”

The more transparent you appear on your teacher’s resume, the better. Don’t add negative information; show your future employer you embrace all of your past achievements and prove you are honest and have nothing to hide. This honesty will pay off in job interviews.

There are a few different types of resume formats to choose from. Picking the correct one will serve you well in your job search.