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What is the Correct Resume Length for a Teacher or School Principal?

What is the correct resume lenght for a teacher or school principal?

The correct resume length for a teacher or principal, or other educators will depend on numerous factors.

Did you hear somewhere along the way your teacher resume needs to be no longer than one page?

This is not necessarily true. Your resume to submit for teaching jobs needs to be long enough to provide hiring personnel or recruiters with all your key information necessary to receive a teaching job interview. To achieve this, your resume may need to be one, two, or even three pages.

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t necessarily care about the length of the resume. They care about whether or not it is easily readable and if they can readily find your key relevant information. Know the items that don’t belong in a resume.

If you’d like a rule of thumb for the appropriate length for your resume, remember that the length has to do with what is appropriate to you. What that means is your years of experience will ultimately determine the length of your resume.

If you have less than five years of work experience, the general rule is that you should only need one page.

More than five years, and you will likely need two pages. If you’ve had a long career or have a lot of extra information you need to add, including presentations, grants, and professional development courses, you may need three pages to list it all.

Ultimately, don’t be overly concerned about page numbers. It is way better to have a two-page resume that is easy to read and clearly laid out than to have a one-page resume that is hard on the eyes and brain, meaning it has lots of information jammed into a confined space.