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Having a Focused Resume is the First Step to a New Job

a teacher focused resume your first step to a new job

Writing a focused resume is your first step to a new teaching job. Writing a compelling and unique resume will be the initial stage of your job search. There are right and wrong ways to write a resume for a teaching position.

If you aren’t sure of the proper way to write a resume, you can review the tips below or check out the A to Z resume writing tips for teachers.

Ensure your resume looks professional, and contains all pertinent information, and is easy to read.

A Resume Should be Precise and Organized: 

Include enough relevant information to communicate your value and leave out the fluff. Be specific and to the point in your education, experience, attributes, and quality points.

Networking is essential, but the resume is what school principals will review first. 

Who you know may help you with the interview, but it doesn’t guarantee you the job.

Communicating what you have done is what will get your foot in the interview door.

If you submit an unprofessional resume, your chances of getting a teaching job will be slim.

Your Resume is a Reflection of You

A resume should contain your top skills and accomplishments. It is the first thing a potential school will review. The first tangible point of communication between you and your potential school principal is your resume and cover letter.

Selling the value and benefit, you can bring with this significant piece of paper is vital to success.

If your resume is organized, current, and professional, this reflects the type of teacher you are likely to be. Sell yourself not only by what the resume contains but by its appearance. Both the content, design, and overall appearance are critical for your resume.

Keep Your Teacher Focused Resume Current

When hiring, school administrators and school hiring representatives read through a stack of resumes. This is time-consuming, and often time is what they don’t have. The more precise, organized, and shorter your resume, the easier it is for them to read.

Allow the school hiring authorities to understand the benefits of hiring you by explaining your skill sets and experience in your resume. It needs to contain your full contact information, enabling them to connect with you easily. Keep it up to date, especially if you gain new knowledge or experience, change your contact information or take new courses.

Focus on the Teaching Skills Relevant to the Job

An essential function of a resume is to showcase your skills and career achievements. A resume should contain all of the reasons why the school should hire you. When you apply for a specific teaching position, focus on the skills you have for that particular job.

For instance, if you are applying for a job as an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher, you will probably focus on your previous ESL teaching experience, ESL courses you’ve taken, or your English B.A., and any other relevant experience you may have in that field.

It wouldn’t mean too much to the school if you included your ability to drive a limousine or shingle and side a house. They are impressive skills to have but not relevant to teaching. Don’t include in-depth facts about non-related skills – save the room for relevant details.

Construct the Right Kind of Resume

If you choose to pursue a new teaching job through the numerous online job boards, it’s important to have an excellent, well-written, and keyword searchable professional resume that will get past the applicant tracking system.

Create different file formats for Internet applications. Schools prefer that the resume is uploaded or sent via email as an MS Word file, Rich Text, Text, or PDF format. Ensure you can easily edit the files to target the resume and cover letter to each position you submit a job application for. Focus on the skills that are particular to each teaching position.

Be Grammatically Correct

Before printing, mailing, or submitting any form of your teacher-focused resume, complete a spell check. Check the grammar, punctuation, formatting, and content. Make sure it flows smoothly, is organized, and easy to read.

The quicker a school principal can go maneuver through your resume, the quicker you may have an interview and ultimately the position you are seeking. A quick way to do this is to make a few lists before doing your resume. List your education, experience, specialized skills, and attributes.