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Networking Techniques to Secure A College Adjunct Instructor Position

Networking Techniques to Secure a College Adjunct Instructor Position

Are you using effective networking techniques to help secure a college adjunct instructor position?

There are many ways for you to find an adjunct instructor job using conventional methods like printed classified ads, online social media platforms, job boards, job fairs, Linked In, Indeed, or by directly sending resumes to potential colleges.

There are many ways to unlock the power of LinkedIn. Consider using this valuable professional network to help you with your career and current or future job search.

The truth – not all these job search methodologies work for the majority of job seekers. If you belong to this group, maybe it is time for you to look for an effective alternative to help you transition into a college adjunct instructor position.

An adjunct instructor is an individual who has a college-level teaching position but is not a full-time instructor. This means that adjunct instructors work in higher learning institutions like colleges and universities on a part-time basis.

They can teach either single or multiple courses each semester, but the possibility of teaching future courses is not guaranteed. More often than not, adjunct college instructors do not receive the benefits and employee compensation a regular instructor receives, like health insurance and a pension plan. For these reasons, within their subject area, one of the best ways to achieve success in a job search is to build formidable networking techniques to secure a future higher education position.

Networking allows you to connect with everyone you know and find out about any potential job opportunities.  The secret to networking is to meet new contacts and get to know them professionally. This will help you to grow your network continually. Help others in your network when asked as you must keep your networking contacts satisfied with what you can offer, so they will want to help you in return.

When you need to find a new adjunct instructor job, you might find another potential employer with your networking contacts’ help. It is important to remember, the assistance you provide to others in your network will soon come back to you in the form of job search guidance. An outcome of the personal contacts and network-building you participate in is the potent job search tool that can expedite the process of looking for a new adjunct instructor position.

Making a job transition will be easier if you set career transformation goals to move in the right direction and hold yourself accountable.

Using modern networking techniques works perfectly for people who know how to use this particular job search method. For tech-savvy, network building starts by creating profiles on professional social media platforms dedicated to job-seeking professionals like LinkedIn or Medium.

The technique of growing your network when using online social media platforms is to follow relevant companies, learning institutions, and individuals related to your circle. You can also meet other adjunct instructors or professors on social media platforms, and you can exchange vital information about your profession as well as about available job opportunities for adjunct teaching.

What networking techniques have you tried? Have you found excellent career leads via someone in your network?