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How to Submit Your Teacher Resume Online

How to Submit Your Teacher Resume Online

As technology streamlines hiring processes, the days of dropping off a resume in person are quickly becoming a thing of the past. More likely than not, you’ll be submitting your application materials online.  Let’s check out a couple of different methods you might expect to use and talk about how to navigate them successfully.

Email Resume to Schools

Many schools prefer a teaching candidate sends an email containing their resume, cover letter, and related application documents. If a potential employer prefers to receive applications via email, you will be expected to attach the requested documents and send a polite and concise email to the hiring organization explaining the position you are applying for and which documents you have enclosed. Before you send that email, though, ensure your attached documents are universally compatible.

File Format

Many people use Microsoft Word, so the .doc format is usually an excellent choice. However, there are some versions of Word that are not compatible with all operating systems.

If you create your resume using a Mac, and the reviewer opens the file using a PC, they might not see all the formatting you created, and your resume might appear less well organized than intended.

Save your documents in Rich Text Format(.rtf) as well. Most, if not all operating systems, can recognize and read a .rtf.

Another option is to save your documents as .pdf files.  These files can be viewed, but not edited by those who receive them, so your formatting will stay intact. You can create a document in your favorite word processor and use the Save As function to create a .pdf copy when you are done editing.

Finally, make sure that you are directing your documents to the appropriate place.  Job postings that request applications via email will often put a specific recipient in the posting.  This may be the hiring manager’s address, but it might also be a general human resources address.  Be sure you address your documents to the right address so that their intended recipient can see how awesome you are.

Upload Your Resume

Districts that don’t use email may ask you to submit your resume via a separate website. If you are asked to directly upload your documents to the page, adhere to the same caution as mentioned above, particularly if you are using a Mac computer – some versions of Mac programs are not PC-friendly.

Another option you may be given when uploading to a web page is copying and pasting your resume and possibly a cover letter. If this is the case, remove formatting such as bold, italics, underline, borders, frames, etc.

Too many graphics and tables may not translate well into online programs. One method for overcoming this and shortening up the time it takes to erase your formatting is saving your original documents in Text Format (.txt) and pasting that version into the online program. Text Format can be used instead of Rich Text when emailing or uploading resumes.

If you are required to cut and paste your resume online, and you are asked to reformat it, then do it! Some companies do not want straight Text Format but want to see what your actual resume really looks like.

If you choose not to reformat your document online, and it looks messy or wonky, you will be judged on this by the potential employer. They may view you as lazy and uninterested in the job. Instead, the school would choose to look at more professionally formatting documents, as those candidates appear more professional on paper.

To avoid the amount of time it takes to reformat online, use minimal formatting in the first place – only use bold and italics to emphasize points or bullet points to make key information stand out.

When submitting your resume and cover letter via a separate webpage, make certain that you have filled out all other required information as well. Some organizations ask that you fill out the information about past positions and cut and paste your resume.

This may seem repetitive or redundant, but make certain that you do it and follow their directions precisely! After your resume has been sent, you may receive a confirmation on that same website or via email.

If you do not, wait a few days, contact the school, and ask if your documents have been received. It is okay to explain you are unsure if there was a technical malfunction or not, and you wanted to double-check that your resume made it through since this position is so important to you.

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