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How to List Relevant Accomplishments in a Teaching Resume

How to List Relevant Accomplishments in a Teaching Resume

Relevant accomplishments on your teaching resume will show your value to a school district!

All resume writing tips are not equal. Some are more important than others. The number one tip for writing a resume is to take the time to dig into your professional, relevant accomplishments.

When writing a resume, there are many things you need to keep in mind.

If you take away only one piece of advice today concerning resume writing, it’s this: discover and communicate evidence to back up your strengths, skills, and abilities as a professional educator.

Relevant accomplishments provide evidence!

Evidence builds credibility!

Credibility sells!

As you know, your resume and cover letter are an essential part of your job-hunting toolkit. These job search documents are critical to getting a job seeker’s foot in the interview door. The first step to securing a new job. No matter what type of initial contact you make with a school district.

Whether it is in person, through the mail, over the phone, or via the internet—you need to leave the person with some written reminder of who you are and what you can bring to the school community or district. Most importantly, your teaching resume needs to show your relevant accomplishments.

Showcase Teaching Skills in Accomplishments

Your teaching resume should portray you offer a solid skill set, and you consistently perform with excellence, leading to academic results for students. Potential employers are not just looking for individuals who can put together a lesson plan and deliver the lesson to students. They want to know you can think outside the box, face challenges, enjoy collaborating with other teachers, parents, and creatively overcome obstacles.

School administrators need to know you are a well-rounded person who can handle anything thrown your way. Face it, being a teacher is a stressful position, and you need to show them you can handle it and, at the same time, enjoy the job.

Resume Profile

Incorporating a teaching skill section at the top of your resume, also called a resume profile, is a brilliant way to summarize your hard and soft attributes. Highlight these areas of expertise in a table just under your professional profile. This format makes it easy for school principals or superintendents to browse your skills and proficiencies at a glance. Including one or two of your top teaching-related achievements will work in a resume profile.

Professional Experience

In your professional experience section, remember to focus on relevant accomplishments. One of the best ways to demonstrate your versatile nature is to highlight successes from previous teaching or other relevant jobs. Future employers are looking for performers, so outline each achievement by beginning each bullet point with a colorful action verb.

Coming Up with Accomplishments

Accomplishments may include high goals that you have set and reached, plans you have developed and executed, personnel problems you have resolved, student achievement gains, and the like. Showcase these achievements in your resume and cover letter.

An easy way to detail your resume accomplishments is by using the C.A.R. acronym – Challenge, Action, and Result. The CAR format will help you explain the situation or problem, how you handled it, and what the result was or the skills you developed because of the situation. Whenever possible, quantify your results. For instance, did student grades improved during your tenure, and if so, how much did they improve?

Make an Excellent Impression

Your resume is your chance to shine, so make sure to highlight your skills and achievements adequately. Bringing significant aspects of your career to the forefront of your resume will catch the reader’s eye. If done correctly, it leaves a lasting impression and will get you into that all-important interview.

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