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Resume Writing Tips for Teachers and School Principals

resume wring tips for teachers and school principals

Resume writing for teachers or school principals will be easier after reading these tips.

As you may know, writing an education resume can be a lengthy and brain-draining process. If you have never written one before or haven’t written one for a while, it may feel overwhelming.

Creating your resume is one thing in life that has to be done from time to time. If you take it one step at a time, it will be less painful.

An excellent resume, like these resume templates or samples, will generate a job interview.

An unfocused and unappealing resume may not even get you a response.

To create a resume to apply for teaching jobs, you need to communicate your relevant teaching skills and accomplishments. The hard work that goes into writing a resume will help you land the job you desire quicker.

10 Easy Resume Writing Tips for Teachers

Be selective. The information you provide on your resume is the first impression employers receive. The more relevant details you can put in, the better, but leave out all the fluff. Be precise and to the point when documenting your education, experience, attributes, and quality points.

Concise Writing

Create an easy-to-read resume that allows employers to scan with ease. Remember, you will be able to expand on your points in an interview. Bring along a portfolio to include accomplishments and other documents that aren’t appropriate for a resume.

Accurate Information

Don’t exaggerate or misrepresent yourself because employers will check! On the other hand, don’t sell yourself short. Incorporate your biggest accomplishments and skills, but don’t give yourself undeserved credit. Even inadvertent misleading data can lead to an application being discarded, a job offer rescinded, or termination after being hired.

Triple Check Contact Details for Accuracy

Double-check your address, phone number, and email address information. Don’t lose out on an interview because an employer couldn’t reach you.


Triple check the document to ensure there is no spelling, grammatical, or typing errors. In a competitive job market, employers will look for any excuse to pass on a resume. 

Don’t Sign or Date Resume.

It’s not a necessary step and would be considered odd. It isn’t a diary entry or letter, after all! Do update it regularly.

Always Send with a Cover Letter

Write a compelling cover letter to send along with your resume that accurately displays your personality.

Include References

Have at least three references on hand from past employers and supervisors. Don’t include these in your resume but have them at your disposal when you get an interview. Be sure to protect the information of your references and use them sparingly. They’ll appreciate you for it and will be sure to speak highly of you!

Don’t Fold Resume or Print on Both Sides.

Keep copies of it in an envelope or folder. Be sure to use a heavier bond, professional resume paper to prevent creases or tears as well. Using quality paper to print your job search documents adds a lovely professional look to your application package.

Get Professional Writing Help

Employ the expertise of a resume writer that specializes in formatting and writing resumes for teachers. We will identify your skills, write and format your resume.

Can you offer any resume writing tips for teachers? Comment and share below!

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