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Important Items to Include in a Teaching Resume to Make it Complete

Important Items to Include in a Teaching Resume to Make it Complete

Choosing which items to include in your teaching resume can take some thought and time. Make sure you don’t rush this vital process. It sets the stage for your entire job search.

Your resume to apply for teaching positions is usually one or two pieces of paper representing you in your absence. This document’s importance makes it vital that the words you include in your resume showcase your value.

Learn What to Include in a Teaching Resume

Think of your teaching resume as more like an outline that includes your relevant areas of expertise, concise work experience, teaching skills, and accomplishments to back up your relevant core competencies. It isn’t a full autobiography.

It gives the reader a quick, general idea of who you are, leaving out what is unimportant and letting you fill in your teacher job interview details.

Below are critical resume sections and information that all winning teaching resumes should include.

  1. Your teaching resume should list your data: Your full name, city, state or province, phone number(s), and email address.
  2. You need to have a resume summary or profile to introduce who you are as an education professional. This resume section will help the reader know what type of work you wish to secure and summarize qualifications. Make sure you can back up and explain everything you state in a resume profile.
  3. A list of your unique skills as they specifically relate to the position you are seeking will help you grab the attention of employers. Using the right keywords in this section is vital to get past the applicant tracking systems.
  4. When listing your education, list them in reverse chronological order and provide all the information about the school, degree, and years completed. Also include all awards, diplomas, and degrees received.
  5. Work history is usually listed with the most recent experience first, although there are exceptions. Include the school name, city, and state, as well as the dates of employment. The teaching resume format you use will determine any other information you include.
  6. Any additional information you have, such as seminars taken, languages you can speak and write, professional organizations, volunteer work. These sections are good indicators of other values you can offer. Don’t go overboard with adding outdated details. Make sure this extra information is still relevant to the position you are seeking.

Other items to include in a teaching resume

Thinking of things you’d like to showcase but don’t fall into one of the categories below? No problem! A professional portfolio is an excellent additional accessory to bring with you to your interview.

In the teaching portfolio, you can include details that aren’t appropriate for a teaching resume. The collection could consist of award certificates, thank-you notes from parents and students, philosophy statements, and sample lesson plans.

Additionally, a cover letter is an excellent place to explain situations where you had a chance to shine. Go more in-depth about the attributes that make you an ideal candidate by telling a brief story in your cover letter. Keep your cover letter to under one page, and demonstrate a skill or trait you had to utilize to solve a problem.

The cover letter is also a perfect place to explain any gaps in your employment history or go into more detail about a particular project.

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