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Resume Writing Tips For Teachers During A Job Search

resume writing tips for teachers during a job search

Resume writing tips for teachers during a job search will vary depending on who shares their opinion with you. When you begin searching for a new teaching job, if you ask for advice, many people will be quick to tell you that one of the most important aspects of landing a teaching job is an excellent teacher-focused resume.

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Those that offer advice should let you know your resume should be current, captivating, honest, and unique.  Although these people may generalize what a resume should be, they often forget to tell you what you should avoid when writing your teacher’s resume.

In our struggling economy, the competition for getting a teaching job is usually fierce. To maximize your chances of getting the job you desire, you have to possess an outstanding resume. Nothing mediocre will work effectively.

Uniqueness is the key to creating an exceptional resume. If you can create a resume that stands out from the rest, it will get you noticed. The first step is to avoid overused phrases. There is an unspoken template of resume lingo that seems to have circulated in the job seekers’ circle. These words and phrases have been seen repeatedly by so many schools that they have become mundane.

Instead of using a range of general phrases, provide detailed information regarding your teaching skills and accomplishments. School administrators need to know in detail what you have to offer their school community. To put this in a better perspective, place yourself in a principal’s position. Doing so will help you understand what they are looking for in a candidate.

As a school principal, they may want an individual who is an outstanding educator, can lead within their grade level team if the occasion arises, can raise learning levels in their students, and can lend their time to school activities and extracurriculars.

Resume Writing – Add Context to Explain Key Phrases

1.) “Team Player” Change this into a complete sentence, i.e. ‘Strong commitment to colleagues and the school environment, able to lead when necessary and implement effective learning strategies to improve student outcomes.’ Writing the statement this way indicates you can take charge and follow directions.

2.) “Parent contact on an ongoing basis” Change to: ‘Interacted with parents on an ongoing basis to promote parent involvement and keep them informed of their child’s progress.’ Detailing what you have made sounds action-orientated and professional.

3.) “Track record of success” Re-phrase as: ‘Increased student reading and math levels by a full grade level for 91% of students’. This statement communicates clearly to the potential school that you have what it takes to surpass expectations and deliver results.

4.) “Point of contact person” Phrase it this way: ‘Elected by the administration to supervise and lead special pilot projects.’ Again, the general theme of your resume is to sell yourself as a productive teacher and constructive faculty member, don’t just state what you did at your last job but state what you did and why.

5.) “Individualize instruction” Re-phrase as: ‘Ability to differentiate and individualize instruction to properly accommodate a diverse population of students, including those with special learning needs.

How effective your resume writing will be determined by your resume’s strength, which will either lead to a teacher job interview or a rejection. You have to impress a potential school with your resume, so be sure to keep the information you provide clear and concise. Follow the steps described above and do not waste your time or theirs by adding useless fluff.

School district hiring authorities don’t have much time when reviewing resumes. Due to time constraints, it is vital to communicate what you have to offer quickly and efficiently.

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