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How to Include the Right Education Keywords in an Online Resume

how to include the right education keywords in an online resume

Incorporating education keywords in your resume that you post online is critical to get your information seen by the human eye to land an interview.

When most schools search for a viable job candidate, they do so by typing relevant education keywords into search engines and online databases like LinkedIn, Monster, Google, Applitrack, and Bing. The more targeted your resume keywords are, the higher the chances that your resume will appear in a school’s or principal’s search results.

A school will know everything about using variations of education keywords to locate different resumes on the Internet and online job boards. They make use of high-tech tools within application tracking software (ATS) to search resumes, which they’ve received from their job listing, for important keywords that match the specification for a particular teaching job.

Including the correct keywords in the resume profile and other parts of the resume and cover letter are integral to getting your resume viewed. Incorporating the right key phrases for your teaching job target will help get your application to the next step in the hiring process.

Below is a list of tips on identifying keywords needed in your resume when posting online.

Check out Webpages on the School’s Website

Plenty of district websites and school websites contain many significant education keywords that you can use within your resume, so take the time to look for them. Look for common words used throughout may be repeated in different parts of the text. You should also check out articles, school profiles, and job listings from various schools to find important keywords, such as IEPs, standardizing testing, problem-based learning, interventions, etc.

Make Use of Keyword Research Tools

You can use the AdWords Tool from Google or other SEO information sites to discover the most searched education keywords. The tools on these sites will show the number of times a keyword phrase or keyword was searched for in a month and how advertisers have placed a bid on those keywords.

Once you have gained access, enter a key phrase or keyword related to the teaching job you want, the school name, and the job description. Have a look at the results and see which keyword phrases and keywords were searched for the most. 

Look at Other Posted Resumes

Another way to discover great keywords is to look at resumes that are similar to yours. Try and find professional resumes that represent your skills, teaching area, and experience.

If you want to pursue something within another subject area or even a different state, you will need to search resumes relevant to that area. You can use LinkedIn, Monster, and Google to search for professional resumes in your target teaching area.

Additionally, you can use the Google keyword tool AdWords to see which keywords have been searched for the most. Enter the primary keyword phrase or keyword for the skills, niche, and experience you have, then add “job – jobs – resume – opportunity – submit,” and click on search. Try your query several different ways, adding or subtracting words, until it shows you what you are looking for. You can then add the popular ones to your resume.

Review Advertisements and Job Ads

If you take a look around the Internet, you will easily find great keywords in different teaching job ads. You can also look for online education job boards and check out the job advertisement sections.

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