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How to Make Your Kindergarten Teacher Resume Stand Out

how to make your kindergarten teacher resume stand out

If you are writing a kindergarten teacher resume targeting different schools to stand out from the competition these resume writing tips will help.

As I am sure you know, kindergarten teachers are an essential part of a student’s development. For the parents, a kindergarten teacher plays an important role in their student’s academic and social success.

Showcasing you have the expertise and passion in your resume to perform the role is paramount to landing a job interview and teaching offer. 

The teacher helps the kids have a proper academic and social foundation. Hiring managers and school principals get to be very picky when evaluating candidates because this role is important to the development of growing children. As a result, your kindergarten teacher resume needs to stand out to secure the interviews you deserve and desire.

But just having the qualifications to be a kindergarten teacher is not adequate in helping you land a job. A kindergarten teacher’s resume must stand out if they are to edge out other applicants for the same position.

So, what steps can you take to make sure your resume has an attractive element of uniqueness compared to the many others that a school may sift through?

First of all, let’s clarify, resume objective statements are not used. State the title of the position you wish to interview for. Followed by a targeted career summary, resume profile, or summary of qualification section will produce the best job search results. 

Carefully choose the resume format you want to use. There are three main formats used for resume writing. The chronological, combination, and functional format. Whatever format you choose, include all the relevant sections such as experience, vital skills, hobbies, notable achievements, and awards.

Where applicable, use a format that is preferred by the institution. You could make out the preferred format from the information given by the school in the job ad. Settle on a particular format based on how well it will highlight your strengths.

Strategically use relevant keywords in the resume that schools will be looking for in relation to the kindergarten position. Using keywords from the job posting or from relevant literature on the development of kindergarten students will help your resume get past the applicant tracking systems and to stand out to the reviewers.

Kindergarten Teacher Keyword Examples 

  • Classroom Management
  • Parent Communications
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Reading Strategies
  • Interactive Learning
  • Learning Centers 

Show your ability to work towards meeting the kindergarten grade level expectations, mirroring language that the school district or state uses to describe student success. This will win the administration’s attentional as they will start to already see how you will fit in as a member of their teaching staff.

Do not underestimate your smaller career achievements especially if they relate to the work of a kindergarten teacher. These relevant accomplishments might be what could boost your resume profile since your academic qualifications may not be too different from the other job applicants.

If the recruitment panel has two resumes of equal education credentials but only one teaching position, it is the additional achievements that will see them settle on one teaching candidate and not the other.

Once you are done writing your resume, it is always recommended that you go through and read the whole resume a few times. This will help you correct spelling and grammar errors as well as amend any information that may be perceived as a misrepresentation of fact.

Give someone else the resume to read through to determine if you might have left out anything important. It could be an excellent opportunity to add information that you could have missed in the first or second write up.

It would be unfortunate if you were to lose a kindergarten teacher position simply because you had poor spelling in your resume or because you wrote something that may not be entirely true.

With good planning, a well-written resume and cover letter, and networking, you’ll be well on your way to the kindergarten classroom in no time.

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