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Teacher Resume Objective Statements are Old School

Teacher Resume Objective Statements are Old School

Are teacher resume objective statements a thing of the past? In a word, Yes! If you consider using one in your resume, there is no need. Resume objective statements used to be both commonplace and expected. However, they have gone out of fashion, and for a good reason. If you are looking to shake up your career, consider spicing up your resume as well!

What is a Resume Objective Statement?

It is an assertion about your goals for employment. The career objective is found at the top of the resume and is one to two lines long. They can either clarify the position you wish to obtain, the field you want to work in, or the skills you hope to bring. The thought is they segue between your resume and cover letter, provide an introduction, and direct the reader’s focus toward your job goal. Ultimately though, they are wishy-washy, not unique, and waste time for the reader.

Examples of Outdated Education Resume Objective Statements

  • “To obtain a position as a Teacher.” – Great, just like every other candidate.
  • “To obtain a position as a Gym Teacher.” – Okay, but what do you bring to the table?
  • “To obtain a position as a Principal.” – This statement alone shows a lack of leadership and creativity.
  • “To enter the field of education.” – Splendid, and then what? How does that help the reader?
  • “To obtain employment with a school that facilitates professional growth.” – A commitment to professional development is fantastic, but you need to leave the reader wowed and wanting more.

So why not just revamp or re-energize a lackluster objective? The entire concept has gone out of style and is basically ignored by human resources personnel and recruiters. In this competitive job market, you need to excite the reader, stand out from the crowd; quickly and clearly demonstrate why you are an asset to the school district.

Not only are these statements a thing of the past, but using them could potentially hinder your job search as well. They are bland and forgettable. They often go unchanged from job to job and as time goes by. What does this mean exactly?

If you are applying for more than one different job type, there is a good possibility you will forget to update your resume objective statement. This error is glaringly obvious to the reader and will get your application thrown in the No pile. When you make errors in your document, you show a lack of attention to detail.

What is the Alternative to Resume Objective Statements?

The most effective method for intriguing the reader is developing a hard-hitting profile summary or introductory paragraph. This is the first section of your resume that appears after your contact information and the job title of the position you wish to interview for.

If done correctly, a teacher profile summary captures the reader’s attention and interest right away. The purpose of this first paragraph is to not only introduce you to the hiring administrator but succinctly convey your standout qualities as well.

The profile summary contains your years of experience, soft skills, hard skills, proven abilities, and commitment to education. It is written either as a paragraph or in point form and ranges from five to seven sentences in length.

It should be written in the third person (no “I” statements) and leave the reader wanting to know more. Each line should be impressive and highlight why you are a great candidate for the teaching position.

Introductory Paragraph/Profile Summary Samples for Teachers

Elementary School Teacher

Learning-oriented educator with 14 years of hands-on classroom expertise. Committed to providing all students a meaningful and memorable education. Talent for designing creative lesson plans that facilitate students’ unique goals, needs, interests, and learning styles. Proven ability to incorporate project-based learning and blended learning to actively engage students, promote classroom participation, and boost comprehension and retention. Proficiency in establishing a focused and disciplined classroom setting, where students feel safe, special, and cared for. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to forge positive relationships with students, staff, and parents.

High School Mathematics Teacher

Innovative instructor with seven years of expertise teaching high school mathematics. Track record for breaking down complex concepts and helping students understand how to apply mathematics to everyday life. Proven ability to integrate technology, manipulatives, and collaborative learning to accommodate all learners’ types and levels. Proficiency in designing meaningful lessons that reinforce higher-order and independent thinking skills. Dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and collegial learning environment, where students feel safe to take academic risks, ask questions, and share ideas.

Review resume writing tips specific to high school teachers.

Special Education Teacher

Patient and caring teaching professional with 10+ years of experience working with Special Education students. Talent for maintaining a safe, healthy, and inclusive class atmosphere, where students’ individual goals and needs are effectively accommodated. Proven ability to differentiate instruction to facilitate all learning styles and make a genuine connection with diverse students. Skilled at providing plenty of praise and encouragement to boost children’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. Track record for establishing a strong rapport with parents, offering them additional resources to use in the home, and the support needed to help their child reach his/her full potential.

It could be the time to review the writing strategies to create the perfect special education teacher resume.

Assistant Principal

Goal-driven educator with 15 years of combined classroom and leadership expertise. Track record for producing a positive school culture that is committed to student learning, growth, and success. Proficiency in implementing effective school discipline programs that incorporate restorative justice practices. Committed to working with parents to increase student attendance, classroom participation, and success rates. Proven ability to deliver applicable professional development opportunities and provide positive mentoring and support to staff. Exceptional communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, and leadership skills.

School Principal

Diligent and results-oriented Principal with a diverse career portfolio and a primary focus on positive leadership. Committed to community engagement and forging strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the success of the school. Proven ability to create, implement, and evaluate curriculum that focuses on whole child development. Demonstrated talent for conducting thorough hiring campaigns, recruiting the most skilled, confident, and committed educators. Dedicated to establishing an inclusive and collegial school community that prides itself on multiculturalism, innovative technology, and student success rates.

Resume tips specific to educational leadership will provide more information to create your entire job search document.

Another Alternative to Resume Objective Statements

A compelling job title accompanied by strong resume profile statements can also be substituted for an objective statement. You want the reader to be clear about the position you are applying for and/or your current job. For instance, if you are currently a Social Studies Teacher looking to transfer schools but maintain the same position, state “Social Studies Teacher” at the top of your resume.

If you are looking to be promoted from Classroom Teacher to Assistant Principal, you will want to say something like “Academic Leader” or “Instructional Leader” at the top of your resume. You can use the resume profile summary to reinforce your goal of transitioning into an administrative role. Some examples include:

  • Desired Job: Science Teacher
  • Current Job: Science Teacher
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Science Teacher
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Student-focused educator with five years of hands-on expertise as a Science Teacher.
    • Committed to providing students with an innovative and intriguing experience, which ignites their passion for science and learning.
    • Demonstrated capability to simplify complex concepts and show a connection between science in the classroom and science in everyday life.
  • Desired Job: Chemistry Teacher
  • Current Job: General Science Teacher
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Science Teacher
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Diligent teaching professional with three years instructing a general science curriculum, looking to specialize in Chemistry.
    • Post-secondary education in Chemistry, as well as extensive experience in laboratories.
    • Dedicated to designing hands-on lessons that capture students’ interest and foster a love for learning the discipline.
  • Desired Job: Assistant Principal
  • Current Job: Physical Education Teacher
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Educational Leader
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Goal-driven leader seeking to utilize over ten years of hands-on instructional experience and eight years as Head Coach to transition into Assistant Principal’s full-time role.
    • Dedicated to applying leadership skills gained from practical experience and Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.
    • Committed to establishing a safe, healthy, and inclusive school community focused on developing the whole child.
  • Desired Job: Principal
  • Current Job: Assistant Principal
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Education Administrator
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Versatile professional with 15+ years of instructional experience, including 8 years as an Assistant Principal.
    • Proven leadership skills to cultivate an inclusive and collegial learning environment.
    • Talent for employing positive leadership to mentor and train a diverse group of staff effectively.
  • Desired Job: Principal
  • Current Job: Principal
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Principal
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Dedicated education administrator with six years of hands-on expertise as Principal.
    • Talent for employing a transformational leadership style to bring about affirmative change and cultivate a positive school culture.
    • Excellent communication, interpersonal, people management, and analytical skills to lead a diverse group of students and staff alike.
  • Desired Job: High School Science Teacher
  • Current Job: Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Science Teacher
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Highly adaptable teaching professional with eight years of hands-on classroom experience.
    • Committed to providing students with a well-rounded, rewarding, and applicable education.
    • Talent for demonstrating a direct connection between everyday life and educational/scientific concepts.
  • Desired Job: High School Science Teacher
  • Current Job: Chemist
  • Title to Use on the Resume: Chemist & Educator
  • Statements to Reinforce Your Career Goal:
    • Well-rounded professional with 12 years of hands-on expertise as a Chemist; experience with informal training and leadership roles.
    • Passion for education and the desire to utilize career experience to cultivate an engaged and focused group of learners.
    • Proven ability to bring real-life connections and personal experience to the classroom, helping students earn an appreciation for education and discover potential career opportunities.

Other Methods for Replacing Tired Resume Objective Statements

As you can see, we aren’t simply removing objective statements; we are replacing them and employing much more effective methods.

Another technique to use is blatantly stating your areas of expertise or knowledge. After your introductory paragraph, consider incorporating a section called “Areas of Expertise.” This can be displayed in several formats (i.e., table or as a center-aligned list). This section highlights your most outstanding and relevant hard skills and draws the reader’s attention immediately.

Table Format:

Areas of expertise include:

  • Science Fairs
  • Interactive Labs
  • Technology Integration
  • Creative Lesson Planning
  • Assessment Tools
  • Standards-Based Instruction
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Discovery-Based Learning
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Progress Reports

Center-Aligned List:

Areas of expertise include:

Science Fairs ~ Interactive Labs ~ Technology Integration ~ Creative Lesson Planning ~ Assessment Tools ~ Standards-Based Instruction ~ Inquiry-Based Learning ~ Discovery-Based Learning ~ Differentiated Instruction ~ Progress Reports

As you can see, the Areas of Expertise encompasses educational keywords and buzzwords that are more than likely what the hiring administrator is looking for. Incorporating keywords is important for several reasons:

  • They demonstrate you are up-to-date on the trends in education.
  • The reader will be looking for specific skills and traits in potential job candidates.
  • The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be scanning for specific words. Without keywords, your resume may not make it to human eyes.
  • They make you stand out from and above the competition.

25 Current Education Keywords to Consider Using in Your Teacher Resume and Cover Letter:

  1. Project-Based Learning
  2. Performance-Based Assessments
  3. Common Core Aligned
  4. Blended Learning
  5. Whole Student Education
  6. Whole Child Development
  7. Technology Integration
  8. Differentiated Instruction
  9. Response to Intervention
  10. Instructional Scaffolding
  11. Individualized Instruction
  12. Data-Driven Instruction
  13. Growth Mindset
  14. Positive School Culture
  15. Student Engagement
  16. Instructional Leadership
  17. Flipped Classroom
  18. 21st Century Learning
  19. Higher-Order Thinking Skills
  20. Cooperative Learning
  21. Collaborative Learning
  22. Guided Reading
  23. Balanced Reading
  24. Student Progress Monitoring
  25. Integrated Curriculum

Do you need help writing a resume with a solid resume profile rather than using an old-style resume objective statement? Reach out for help by calling Candace at 1 877 738-8052 or emailing candoco@telus.net.