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Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Overseas Teaching Positions

Things to keep in mind when looking overseas for teaching positions

When applying for overseas teaching positions, you need to consider many aspects of the job search that don’t apply to a regular job search.

Preparing to secure an international teaching position will take patience and using effective job search steps.

Besides teaching experience and credentials, below are important details to keep in mind when looking for an overseas teaching position.

Overseas Teaching – Job Search Checklist


Before looking to find work overseas, you will need to invest in a passport. Many schools will ask to see a copy of your passport as part of the application process, so it is best to get one well in advance. As you need one to travel anywhere outside of your country, it is a good investment.

Overseas Visas and Work Permits

Normally after you are offered a job, you will have to apply for the correct visa or work permit that will allow you to work legally in the country. Some countries and schools will specify which permit is necessary, so make sure to ask your hiring contact beforehand.

There is a lot of variety in visas and permits; therefore, it is always best to check with officials at the school to ensure you are getting the right one. Visa and work permits take time to process, so ensure you have given yourself enough time, as you will not be able to enter most countries without one.

Salaries, Taxes, and the Cost of Living

When looking for a job abroad, make sure to consider the cost of living as it applies to your salary. Many countries may seem like they offer quite low salaries, but these same countries could also have meager living and low tax rates. Some schools will also offer to pay for your room and board, which will allow your salary to go towards food and spending money.

Health Concerns

Depending on where you are traveling, there could be different diseases that you have not been immunized against. Whenever traveling to a foreign country, it is a good idea to visit your doctor to get any necessary shots and an overall check-up to ensure you are healthy before traveling. While in the country, it is good to invest in health insurance to protect you from any misfortune.


Depending on where the school is located in the country, you can either work in the downtown core or a very rural area. So depending on where you are stationed, your transportation needs will vary. Find out how well the public transportation systems are run and look into whether you will need to purchase, lease, or rent a vehicle.

If you wish to submit to teaching jobs abroad, start with a quality resume focused on international positions.