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How do you assist challenged readers to succeed?

how do you assist challenged readers to succeed

Do you know how you would answer this teacher interview question: What techniques do you use to assist challenged readers…

It is important that the response you give to the job interview question is truthful, relevant to the position, and shows value to the school district. The following could be a possible answer… or it may provide some ideas for you to tailor your response:

To help challenged readers gain reading comprehension, I emphasize active reading. This allows students to investigate the text and make their own personal connections to it. This technique improves comprehension among readers.

To create an active reading environment, I implement graphics organizers, social interactions, guided reading, and using different media such as the internet.

Graphic organizers are very effective in helping a student compose his thoughts and make connections. Converting thoughts into a visual source allows visual thinkers to organize their information for future synthesis.

Social interaction is an important part of reading comprehension. By making students take ownership of their learning, they are more likely to connect to the text than simply reading or listening. They interact with the text, taking an active rather than a passive role in their learning.

For young readers or special needs students, such as the developmentally challenged, several websites can help. These interactive sites teach everything from phonics and letters to history and science.

It is important to create active learning among readers as opposed to passive. These techniques allow students to take an active role, making connections that improve comprehension. After all, comprehension is the key that allows children to learn to read.

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