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Tips for Integrating Technology into the Classroom

tips for integrating classroom into the classroom

Integrating technology into the classroom is integral to students’ education and is transforming the way students learn in the classroom.

Today’s students are born into technology-heavy environments and, therefore, are brought up knowing how to use different forms of technology. As a result, sometimes students have a greater understanding of technology than their teachers. Because of students’ reliance on technology, they are also helping to drive the demand for integrating technology into the classroom.

Incorporating technology into the classroom not only helps students to learn how to use the technology, but it also teaches them how to creatively approach projects and problem solve. There are resources and information available to help teachers incorporate technology into their classroom environments.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom Tips

Gain the Knowledge and Teaching Skills

Ensure you are knowledgeable about what you are teaching. Just like you need to be an expert on your subject matter, you need to know about what technology you are using in your classroom.

Your students will likely be technology-savvy; you will need to know at least as much as they do. If you need to brush up on your technology skills or gain a better understanding of a particular skill like Twitter or SMART boards, then you can take professional development courses.

Additionally, it’s important to brush up on the latest technology trends so that you can communicate on the same level as your technology-savvy students. Whether it’s learning about the latest social media or the newest trends in computing like iPads, take some time each week to stay up-to-date.

Take Advantage of Available Resources

There are many avenues that you can use to help you incorporate technology into your classroom. For instance, school districts have professional development programs available to help you develop ideas, strengthen your technical skills, and introduce you to new forms of technology.

You can also look to programs available through universities and corporate programs to help expand technology options for teachers. As a school, you can also look at receiving a technology grant to help your entire school to elevate its technology resources and evolve its technology integration.

Know Your Audience

To better connect with your students, find out what types of technology they use in their personal lives and which internet sites like Facebook or Pinterest that they are using. You can use this information to strengthen your connection with your students and integrate this knowledge into your everyday classroom activities.

Set Realistic Goals for Integrating Technology

Establishing effective methods of incorporating technology into the classroom is a process, and cannot be done all at once. Keep your goals realistic and don’t expect to transform your classroom overnight. Each teacher will approach it differently and at their own pace.

Depending on where you start, it may take you a while to get to your end goal. Just remain patient and make small steps to keep your goals attainable and the margin for error small. One thing is for sure; however, the digital student is here to stay and has changed the face of our 21st-century classrooms.