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What is the Role of a Principal and an Assistant Principal?

what is the role of a principal and a vice assistant principal?

What is the Role of a Principal and an Assistant Principal?

When interviewing for any position in education, you may be asked to describe the roles of both the principal and the vice-principal in the school community. If you are applying to become one of these positions, the interviewers will want to make sure you understand the job’s ins and outs. If you are applying to become a teacher, the interviewers will be interested in knowing what you expect from your principal and vice-principal as a teacher. The answer you give to this question can also help interviewers determine whether you would fit in well with their school community and vision.

Consider the following when answering this question.

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The assistant principal’s role includes supporting the school principal in the school’s general administration. In the school principal’s absence, the vice-principal takes over his/her responsibilities. The vice-principal completes any tasks assigned by the school principal, which can include but is not limited to: handling student discipline (usually); assisting with faculty meetings and teacher observations. Monitoring playgrounds and other school sites; interacting with parents; ordering supplies; coordinating student events; attending administrative meetings with or in place of the principal; handling truancy, advising the PTA, and chairing the Student Study Team for Special Education Placement.

A principal’s role is to provide overall leadership, direction, and coordination of the school community. He/She works as part of a School District Administrative Team to help schools implement and meet the district’s objectives. Developing and maintaining effective educational programs and improving teaching and learning within the school would be a high priority.

Furthermore, the school principal will support the school district superintendent and complete tasks assigned by them, managing and supervising teaching and support staff. Developing and overseeing all educational programs, including special education; budgeting, report writing, coordinating state reviews and evaluations; making sure all appropriate federal and state education laws are adhered to.

Enforcing student discipline; chairing faculty meetings; completing teacher observations and evaluations of teachers and support staff; planning and implementing curricular changes; evaluating test data. Monitoring playgrounds and other school sites; ensuring school campus safety;  interacting with parents and handling public relations; ordering supplies; coordinating student events and extracurricular activities; attending administrative meetings; handling truancy; advising the PTA; fund-raising; and chairing the Student Study Team for Special Education Placement.

When answering these questions, remember that you will only be able to go into so much detail and so state something to this fact in your response. It can also be highly beneficial to use an example in your answers. As a teacher, if you have an example of a principal providing the staff with great support, use this in your reply. And as a potential administrative candidate, you can do the same. By explaining the type of principal you value, you will be explaining to the interviewers the type of administrator you hope to emulate.