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Find out Why Teachers Are Integrating Twitter in the Classroom

Find out Why Teachers Are Integrating Twitter in the Classroom

Find out why teachers are integrating Twitter in the classroom. Twitter is an effective and widely popular online social media channel where users can enter up to a hundred and forty characters in a single message.

Mainly, the purpose of Twitter is to inform others of what you are doing or what you are thinking, and with its growing popularity, it is now being used by various industries.

Other people can keep track of what you are doing if they are interested in following you, and you only need to sign up and create an account to fully enjoy the wonderful services offered by Twitter.

And since it now ranks in the top five of the most widely used social networking websites, Twitter can also be an excellent teaching profession tool. There are many reasons teachers may be interested in integrating technology like Twitter into their teaching methods.

First of all, using Twitter as part of the learning experience provides both the parents and the students the opportunity to access important updates regarding school activities, assignments, programs, etc.

Another good reason to use Twitter is to help develop an excellent venue where all students and the teacher can exchange various ideas and other relevant data on the subject matter discussed in the classroom.

It can be used as a platform for teachers to distribute facts and key points for review and other information to help a productive lesson discussion in the classroom. Twitter can also create an active network where one teacher can communicate with another and obtain quick feedback or help.

Besides effectively providing updates both for the teacher and the students, teachers can also use Twitter to post homework assignments and inform students who have not been in class due to sickness or other emergencies.

Teachers can also use Twitter as a venue to remind students of his/her grading policy, inform them about an upcoming class project, and other relevant details. This will keep the interest of students up, especially if the tweets are exciting.

Twitter posts are perfect for brainstorming or exchanging ideas between teachers and students. Introverted students might find this venue a good way to express themselves if they find it hard to do in the classroom. Teachers can also collect various opinions and present them to class for a discussion.

In addition to all of this, Twitter is also a good place for teachers to create an informal network with their colleagues.

They can post and answer questions regarding school activities or a particular lesson, or any other issue they may want advice on. But regardless of the reason, the bottom line here is that you can use various technology resources to make a more interesting and highly interactive learning environment.

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