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Number One Piece of Advice When Writing a Teacher Resume

No. #1 piece of advice when writing a teacher resume

Many teachers are looking for the number one piece of advice when writing a teacher resume. Writing a resume to land the perfect job interview can be difficult, especially if you don’t think in-depth about what you have to offer the school district and the students. You must dig deep and assess what you have to offer.

After your assessment, you should make sure those skills are incorporated into your resume and cover letter and they are in alignment with what the school district is looking for in a newly hired teacher. Each school district is looking for its teachers to possess certain qualities and teaching skills, regardless of the subject area.

Here is how to incorporate these desirable teaching qualities into your career documents.

First of all, all school districts are looking for teachers who display these specific qualities:

•    Passionate teaching and the subject

•    Ability to reach out to, support, and motivate all students

•    Talent for differentiating instruction

•    Demonstrated capability to develop creative lesson plans that promote hands-on learning

•    Help students develop problem-solving, socialization, and other key skills

•    Ability to increase literacy rates and instill a love for reading and writing

Why these traits are important to hiring districts:

Your enthusiasm and excitement for a subject, regardless of what it is, are infectious. If students see that Mathematics can be fun, they are far more likely to remain interested and focused. Another excellent place to communicate your passion is in your application letter.

Each classroom is different and encompasses multiple intelligences and learning styles. A good teacher can reach out to each student, spark their interest, and provide the appropriate support and motivation.

Supporting a student may involve providing after-school tutoring, collaborating with staff and parents to develop an Individualized Education Plan or Program, adapting instructional techniques, or just offering more positive encouragement. Children deserve the chance to learn and succeed, and it is up to you to help every one of them.

Differentiating instruction relates directly to the point above. Since students learn via different methods, it is key that you can be adaptable and remain flexible in your teaching style. By facilitating auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learners, you will ensure that the children can understand and retain the information in whichever manner suits them best.

Creativity sparks interest and curiosity and decreases boredom. By keeping lesson plans fun and hands-on, students remain focused, on-track, and eager to learn more. These skills are crucial for progressing to the next academic level and succeeding in the real world.

Since teachers are one of the primary contact points for children, problem-solving and socialization skills must be modeled in the classroom and fostered by the instructor.

Even if you are not an English or Language Arts teacher, you can still utilize literature to instruct students. Convey what types of literary activities you incorporate into everyday lessons and demonstrate the impact it has left on students.

There are several different methods for showcasing these traits in your education resume and cover letter. In your resume, you can put them in your job description or achievements listed under the different job positions, create a Core Competencies section focusing on the qualities above, or highlight them in the introductory paragraph of your resume.

Within the cover letter, you may choose to develop a separate paragraph detailing your greatest strengths (i.e., the qualities listed above). Regardless of where you include them, make sure they are somewhere in your documents.

If a potential employer sees you lack these desired qualities, they will move on to the next candidate. However, if you showcase these traits in your job search documents, you as a teacher will stand out as well. Analyze resume and cover letter samples created by A+ Resumes for Teachers.

Let me know what your # 1 piece of advice is for creating a resume and cover letter?