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Does Your Teacher Resume Show What You’ve Accomplished?

Does Your Teacher Resume Show What Your've Accomplished?

Does your teacher resume shows the same set of teaching responsibilities as every other job candidate without accomplishments?

These teaching skills may include creating and implementing engaging lessons, administering and marking tests and assignments, integrating technology, differentiated instruction, report cards, and active student discipline.

Showcase the Value You Bring in Your Teacher Resume

Keep in mind; you need to do something to set yourself apart from the average teacher. Accomplish standing out from the other candidates by writing your resume and cover letter in a way that will distinguish you as unique. Communicate you are passionate about teaching students — it is all in the wording.

Convey you do not simply teach students, but enlighten and encourage them to be life-long learners. Showcasing the value you can bring is why accomplishments are such an integral part of a resume.

Include Relevant Accomplishments

When creating your resume as a veteran teacher, listing all of your accomplishments since your early years in teaching is unnecessary. Try your best to incorporate a quantitative list of achievements.

However, you should have something to be able to show a prospective employer.

  • What was the classroom like before you arrived?
  • What was the classroom like after you became the teacher?
  • What did you do to change or improve the classroom situation or students’ success?

All of these accomplishment-based questions can help you to beef up your resume and make you stand out from the competition. I am sure you have heard about finding and communicating your unique selling point.

  • What articles or books have you written?
  • Were you on any committees?
  • Are you more of a leader or a follower?

These are questions to help you get started. When coming up with achievements, think of this series of questions. What was the challenge, what was the action you took, and what was the result? This formula will help create an accomplishment statement that you can use on your resume.

Include Examples to Increase Credibility 

Give examples that include facts and figures. Include all appropriate numbers in your achievements and play them on your resume.

An example would be:

Increased standardized test scores by 30% over one school year.

The above is an excellent way of displaying your success to a prospective employer because numbers give specifics.

General statements are vague and may cause the reader to hesitate.

The critical thing to remember is that the school district’s representative looks to improve their school district and student learning. It’s up to you to show how you can help that goal along.

Your accomplishment section will verify the results you have achieved. You can present the potential school district hiring committee with the evidence that you have produced results in the past; therefore, you will meet or exceed the results they desire in the future.

Since previous work performance is a significant indicator for potential contributions, a list of preceding achievements and successes could pique a reader’s curiosity and ultimately secure a teaching job interview to elaborate further on your classroom skills, expertise, and successes.

Does Your Teacher Resume Convey the Real You? 

Are you happy with how your school teacher or principal resume and cover letter look, and its content?

If you are an educational leader and promote excellence in education and student learning, you need to portray this in your resume, cover letter, and education philosophy.

If you need our help, like so many educators do, to create a resume and cover letter package specifically for you, it’s easy.

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