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What Subject Do You Most Like to Teach and Why?

What Subject Do You Most Like to Teach and Why?

Have you ever been to a teacher interview where this question has been asked: “What subject do you most like to teach and why? Find out how to answer this teacher interview question here.

You should speak passionately and enthusiastically about teaching students your favorite subject. The panel is exploring your passion for the subject, your self-awareness, and your flexibility in enjoying teaching other subjects as well.

Be natural and stay connected to the subject you like to teach; use strong arguments. Also, state your flexibility about teaching domains that are related, if possible. That will show the interview panel you want a job, and you are a good team player.

Here’s an example:

I love the subject area of communications. As you can see in my CV, my major was communications, speech, debate, and theater. My minor was in English. I have taught mostly English for 35 years. However, every year I have had a speech and debate class and one or two theater classes. My major and minor go together perfectly, and I love both subjects.

I can enthusiastically merge communications and English anytime because I am fond of that “eureka” moment that students have when discovering knowledge that I’ve led them to. I love the moment when they connect the dots, when they become genuinely aware of the joy of learning, and are excited to find a context to apply their knowledge.

The interviewer may ask you specifically, why did you want to be a science teacher

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