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Creating a Twitter Profile for a Teacher Job Search

Creating a Twitter Profile for a Teacher Job Search

Do you have a Twitter profile? Don’t ignore social media in the quest to get that dream teaching job. It can be helpful. 

Creating a Twitter profile for a job search is a step to take seriously. As institutions continue to experience a generational change at the top and ever younger and more internet-savvy teachers continue to fill schools, you will be amazed at how many decision-makers are regular users of the larger social networking sites Twitter.

It is this group of people that you should target when setting up your Twitter profile. A well-structured Twitter profile can see you get a teaching job faster and expand your application’s reach. After all, with Twitter’s accessibility from anywhere on the planet, you will have access to job opportunities across the world.

The most successful method of getting a dream teaching job is taking a multi-pronged approach that targets active and passive recruiters. Active recruiters already have a list of positions they need to fill and are on the lookout for new teachers. Passive recruiters do not necessarily have positions they are looking to fill. Still, their interest can be stirred when they see someone who demonstrates knowledge and expertise that would match the school community.

By creating a Twitter account, you can connect to both active and passive recruiters and speed up the process of getting a new job. Schools strive to create a profile on social media networks to boost their brand and interact with their students and parents. A person looking for a job must develop a social media profile that highlights their strengths. Of course, this must be supported by posting well-informed posts that demonstrate mastery and currency in their teaching area.

Aim to have a conversation with recruiters as opposed to bombarding them with requests for a job. Recruiters will be more attracted to a person they can intellectually engage than to a person who only sends little more than numerous job requests. Develop a strategy that is focused on building relationships with recruiters. You could write down some subjects you will want to cover on your profile.

Think about covering a specific topic each week. Share interesting, cutting-edge teaching information. But as you develop your topics, ensure that you are also fun to speak to. Remember that you are looking for a job, and recruiters want someone who demonstrates an ability to work well with others. Show a sense of humor but be sensitive to the people reading your posts’ limits and boundaries. Ultimately, making a personal connection with recruiters to draw them to your credentials is important to get noticed.

Here are some questions to answer before creating your Twitter page/bio/header. 

What part of your brand’s personality do I want to show?
How do I want people to feel when they see land on your Twitter page?
What hobby, if any, do you want your followers to know about?
Is there a cause you would like your followers to know about?
Do you have a message or quote you find interesting, funny, or inspiring?
What is your claim to fame that you want to tell your audience?
What kind of color scheme would you like for your image?
What type of image would your audience respond to?
Do you have a profile picture?

If you need help putting together your Twitter profile, reach out to Candace.