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Changing Careers to Education – Teaching or Administration

Changing careers to education in 2019 can be one of the hardest things a person does in his or her lifetime. You are going from something you’ve known and done well for most of your adult life, to a brand new career, which requires transferable skills and a different knowledge base.

However, career transitions are incredibly important for keeping yourself challenged in your job, and ensuring you will continue to chase your professional goals. A stagnant career can lead to a dull or unhappy personal life, and a feeling of being left unfulfilled. If you find yourself becoming bored with work, or not reaching your full potential, it’s time for a change.

In the posts below, you can benefit from Candace Alstad-Davies’ expertise on the subject – she will help you navigate through your career change by providing you with a great deal of useful information on the topic. For instance, Candace has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to transferable skills. She has extensive expertise marketing job seekers including career changers. Her vast knowledge of career coaching, professional development, educational requirements, and how to make the leap to a new career will help immensely.

Top-notch Tips to Changing Careers to Education

Once you have committed yourself to change jobs to education, you will need to know how to present yourself and land a job interview. Candace is an expert at developing career changer resumes, creating a cover letter for a career change. She can help in preparing a biography and composing other documents that are key to the job application process. Furthermore, Candace, the Career Coach, can help you tap into hidden job markets and conduct an active job search online.

Is there a job or profession you’ve always wanted to pursue? Take a look at the posts below, and let us help you with your goal of changing careers to education. Making a career transition may be “what the doctor ordered”!

Are You Considering Changing Careers to Teaching? 10 Questions to Ask

are you considering changing careers to teaching 10 questions to ask

Find out what questions to ask when considering changing careers to teaching. First, understand a career transition takes work and is usually more involved than a regular job search. These strategies will be helpful if you are thinking of transitioning out of the education sector. Before you do, you may want to review these ten [...]

How to Break Free from Your Current Career

how to break free from your current career

Looking for a career change and do not know how to start?  Breaking free from a job you hate is critical to life happiness. Do you feel tired all the time and dread getting up every morning to prepare for work? Don’t delay, take action to make a career transition to secure a job you [...]

how to transition from the military to a teaching job

Do you wish to transition from the military to teaching? Land a job with these tips and steps to make the military career change easier. If you want to make a career transition, embrace career transformation goals to get it done. If you currently have a position and would like to test the waters in [...]

How to Transition from Education to Entrepreneurship

how to transition from education to entrepreneurship

Weigh the pros and cons if you are a teacher or school administrator who is looking to transition from education to entrepreneurship. Review and analyze your decision before your leap. After all, this is your life! A career change is something you must carefully think through before diving in head first. Develop a written plan [...]

Career Transition Tips – School Teacher to a Corporate Trainer

career transition tips school teacher to a corporate trainer

You are not alone if you are considering making a career transition from a school teacher to a corporate trainer. It’s not uncommon to be researching alternative careers to teaching! Success will depend on your ability to uncover relevant skills, attributes, accomplishments and effectively communicating them in a visually appealing resume and cover letter. Translating your [...]

how to simplify entering a career in education using transferable skills

One of the biggest challenges when entering a career in education is how to effectively convey you have the ability and teaching skills needed to fill the role. The first step is writing a compelling resume to communicate relevant information about your background to show value. Entering the education field may seem like an enormous task because you [...]

How To Change Careers to Teaching Successfully

how to change careers to teaching successfully

Follow your dreams by learning how to change careers to teaching successfully. Make your transition from a business career to teaching a reality! Call it a second career, if you wish – this happens many, many times. There are many transferable skills to transition from a corporate career to teach in a classroom. Taking the [...]

How to Transition to an Education Career Using Transferable Skills

how to transition to an education career using transferable skills

Learn how to effectively transition to an education career using transferable skills. If you are making a career change to a teaching, school administration or any other education position you will need to uncover relevant accomplishments and skills to show your value. The biggest challenge when making a transition to an education career is creating [...]

benefits for a teaching working in a private school versus public schools

There are many benefits for a teacher working in a private school, and some of them will be shared in this blog post. A private school teacher plays a very important role for students, parents, and society. It is these individuals who nourish the minds of our children, molding them into responsible knowledgeable adults. The [...]

How to Transition to an Education Career Skillfully

how to transition to an education career skillfully

Have you thought about a transition to an education career after a corporate career? Please the time to carefully plan your job search, which will start by identifying why you want to make the career change and what relevant skills you can use in the classroom. The first thing one must have is a passion for [...]