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School Principal or Education Administrators Job Search Help

In this section you will find career tips and strategies related to education leadership, school administration, professional developmental, boosting student success rates, helping struggling learners, incorporating technology in schools, communicating with parents, engaging the local community, and others.

Schools principals and assistant principals face unique challenges when pursuing new administrative positions. There are fewer jobs available in education leadership as opposed to applying for a job as a classroom teacher – the competition is fierce. It is crucial you develop an achievement-based and skill-oriented school principal resume. When writing your school administrator resume, make sure you put your best foot forward. Highlight degrees and academic credentials, and showcase education leadership expertise and classroom experience. Make sure you present your value in a visually-appealing way using keywords.

You also want to take time and care with your school principal application letter or cover letter. Make the hiring school district want you! Demonstrate all of your education leadership accomplishments, school administration initiatives, and the mission statement and leadership philosophy you will bring to the school.

In addition to administration leadership resumes and cover letters, you will discover strategies for your school principal job search and school leader job interview. There is a list of potential interview questions and answers for principals and administrators. Go over these questions, and prepare, practice, and refine your answers, ensuring you have a successful education leadership job interview.

These posts also focus on productivity tips, which will help you cultivate a highly productive professional education leadership career, as well as an efficient and goal-driven school community. Mentor and teach your instructors how to maximize student learning opportunities, cultivate strong classroom management skills, use data analysis to drive instruction, engage all types of learners, and incorporate effective classroom technology.

assistant principal resume writing tip #1 listing relevant leadership accomplishments

An assistant principal resume needs administrator accomplishments to communicate leadership competencies and provide evidence. This means when you write your school administrator resume it is vital to uncover relevant achievements and real success stories. How to Communicate Relevant Leadership Accomplishments in Your Resume Be Honest It is important to avoid telling half-truths and exaggerations because [...]

How to write a school administrator resume to communicate credibility and skills

Skills and work experience are often among the best qualifications you can bring to an administrator position when you want to pursue a career in administration. As well, you will need to prepare a strong answer to the question, “what skills can you bring to this job?” And while it is important to answer this with your basic skills and personal achievements, you must also make sure that your answer is relevant to the forthcoming interview questions as well as the administrator job description.

School Principal Leadership Practices to Increase Successful Outcomes

school principal leadership practices

As an education leader, you should engage in effective principal leadership practices that will uphold the mission and vision of your school. It is important to understand the nature of your leadership practices and how they can be implemented so teachers, students, and parents can help reach your vision. The best educational leadership practices include: [...]

CV Writing Tips for A Career Transition: College Instructor to Dean

CV Writing Tips to Make a Career Transition College Instructor to Dean

CV writing is an important first step to making a successful career transition within a college faculty. If the time has come for you to transition from your current role as a college instructor to move into a college dean position, you have options to showcase your experience when writing your curriculum vitae (CV). What [...]

Higher Education Job Search Tips to Land a New Position

Higher Education Job Search Tips

These higher education job search tips will help you to secure a college instructor of university professor position. In a recent study, professor’s jobs finished among the top three best professions in the United States. That is interesting because it is a well-known fact that higher education instructors, who average a salary of $79,000 per [...]

How Can School Principals Create a Vision and Plan to Ensure Success

How Can School Principals Create a Vision and Plan to Ensure Success

School principals need to create a vision and develop a plan for a school community to thrive. During a job interview for a school principal position, you need to express how you will be able to create a solid strategy that details how the vision will be reached. This plan will be the school’s brainchild [...]

Importance of Continuing Education for School Administrators

continuing education for administrators

Continuing education for administrators is an important part of your job as a school leader. School administrators play an important part in the implementation and success of every educational program within a school system. Administrators in the field of education have vital responsibilities that keep the entire system of the learning institution functional. These include [...]

How to Work Towards a School Administration Position

how to work towards a school administration position

Have you been eyeing a school principal position? Let’s discuss, how to work towards a school administration position. Rather than making a bold career move into school administration, you may wish to take smaller steps to ease into a new role as an education leader. A more prudent strategy is to take on increasing responsibilities [...]

Skills You Need to Possess as a School Administrator

Skills You Need to Possess as a School Administrator

Critical skills are needed to provide the school community with the proper leadership as a school administrator. Whether you are an assistant principal, head principal or in any other leadership position you will need to be savvy in these areas. There are many educational leadership skills for aspiring school administrator to develop. Let’s discuss some top core [...]

5 tips for aspiring education administrators

Are you making a career transition to become an education administrator? Communicating relevant core skills to the hiring committee is vital. To move from the classroom to the school principal’s office, you will need to gain the necessary skills and attributes of a respected school leader. Five tips to help make a successful transition to [...]