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How to Write a School Administrator Resume to Communicate Credibility and Skills

How to write a school administrator resume to communicate credibility and skills

When writing a school administrator’s resume, it is important to include relevant skills, accomplishments, and work experience to communicate your qualifications and credibility.

The keyword in the above sentence is ‘relevant.’ Over the last 16+ years, I have seen many resumes created by individuals that include irrelevant details, which makes the resume unfocused.

When your resume and cover letter land on someone’s desk, it needs to communicate you are perfect for the position they seek to fill.

Prepare a solid answer to the question, “what skills can you bring to a school administrator position?” Addressing this question with your core competencies and personal achievements aligned with the position is important to write a targeted resume.

The education leadership skills you include in your school administrator resume are essential not only for the job itself but to enhance your competitive edge over the other applicants. The fundamental skills you may have to perform the school administrator position are self-explanatory. Providing further details about how your leadership skills made a big difference to your past employer and how your accomplishments made an impact.

An educational leader deals with the school’s daily operations, so having the right skills and proficiencies is imperative, and these include possessing excellent mentoring skills, comprehensive knowledge of managing records and databases, inventory, staff management, and student discipline, among many others.

Supervisory and management skills like team leadership, conflict management, highly efficient problem-solving aptitude, and time management are vital for this position. Using these leadership skills effectively will ensure the job expectations are reached.

It is also important for school administrators to have a current skill set in technology, the latest teaching methods, and education trends for them to be efficient. Familiarly with what the school uses when it comes to program scheduling, database management, and curriculum planning is applicable and should be included.

If you are making a move from teaching to administration, you need to point to your leadership contributions to the school community and how these will make you a strong school leader.

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Essential Skills to Include in Your School Administrator Resume

Communication Skills – Written and Verbal

School administrators must speak with and have a positive rapport with all stakeholders, including parents, students, support staff, teachers, and community leaders. It is imperative, therefore, for aspiring education administrators to have outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Highlight your positive relationships with all stakeholders from your past positions, and don’t forget your experience working in a team environment.

Collaboration – Ability to Develop Rapport and Respect

It is expected for administrators to have excellent skills in interacting professionally with other personnel and colleagues. To be an effective school leader, you need to communicate, cooperate with, delegate, assist, and sometimes discipline your staff.

A competent administrator will be able to strike the right balance to keep staff members happy and keeping the school community running smoothly. Communicate in your resume how you did these important tasks in your past positions.

Management and Leadership Skills

Having the ability to work well with other people is one thing, but getting others to do their jobs and duties competently is another. That is why administrators must possess exceptional managerial and mentoring skills.

During the interview, explain your past achievements in successfully managing a classroom, your grade team, an association, or a program. Explain what methods you used to lead others and how they were able to yield results.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Education is always changing, and school administrators must be among the key people to positively communicate changes and adapt accordingly. Constant curriculum changes, teaching method changes, budget cuts, grading changes, among others, keep teachers and school administrators always learning, changing, and adapting to this ever-changing, fast-paced world.

Administrators are the ones who are in charge of inputting these changes and ensuring that they are introduced smoothly, making this skill critical. Communicate in your resume and cover letter how you are adaptable by sharing examples of your accomplishments in this skill area.

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