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How to Correctly Use Email to Search for a Teaching Job

How to Correctly Use Email to Search for a Teaching Job

If you are using email to search for a teaching job, keep the subject line and messages professional.

Learning and understanding the essential aspects of using email to correspond with potential school districts or schools are crucial.

All your email messages need to be formatted correctly, including proper spelling, grammar, and formatting sentences in paragraphs.

Even if it’s through email or a LinkedIn message, you have to write correctly and carefully when it is correspondence regarding an employment application.

You must include a specially targeted subject line and your signature for the recruitment staff to contact you quickly.

Always remember the basics of using a professional email address. Having an email address like sexychick@myhome.com or something similar, of course, would not create the right image. The best way to conduct your job search is to build a dedicated free email account. Use this email specifically for your job hunt if you remember to check it frequently.

When sending a personal query about a particular job position, you must format your email in a very professional manner as you would with any other business correspondence.

As stated before, the subject line is one of the most important parts of your email as it will determine if your letter gets opened. Always include a specific subject line to instantly attract and inform the recruitment staff of what to expect in the email.

Below are important aspects of composing an email correctly.

The Salutation of the Email

If you know who the contact person is, you need to address your email to them using the salutation “Dear Mr./Ms._____.” If you are unsure about whom to address your email, start your letter with “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To the Recruitment Department.”

Body of the Email Letter

When you apply for a job through email, you can copy and paste your cover letter directly into the body of your email message. If the school requires you to send a separate attachment for your resume, you can attach your resume either in Word document format or in PDF, whatever suits you best. If you are only inquiring about a particular job position, always be very clear about your purpose and directly state in your letter what you want to find out from them.

Email Signature

Always remember to include your email signature on every electronic correspondence you send. If possible, include your full name and other contact information.

Never forget to review your email and make sure it is formatted the way a formal business letter would be. Check it for grammatical errors and proofread it to make sure there are no mistakes that can affect your professional image.

If you follow these guidelines, email correspondence can be a productive way to discover job openings and conduct your job search.